Kate Walsh on the 'Great Thing' About 'The Umbrella Academy'

Kate Walsh plays The Handler in the Netflix original superhero series The Umbrella Academy.  For the past two seasons, she has portrayed the ruthless and power-hungry antagonist, looking to seize control of the Temp Commission. The commission is responsible for ensuring that the “proper” timelines play out; controlling it would virtually make The Handler the most powerful woman alive. She has had time to play with the character, bringing her fierce vindictiveness and lack of compassion to the forefront. 

During an interview with Esquire, Kate Walsh discussed the series and her character, in particular. She noted what makes the superhero show starring a motley crew of dysfunctional siblings so appealing. 

Kate Walsh talks about ‘The Umbrella Academy’ 

During her interview with Esquire, Kate Walsh discussed the show’s major benefits, explaining that she didn’t know she would return for season 2. Initially, she thought she was gone for good…until she received a call from showrunner Steve Blackman. Walsh said: 

Of course, the great thing about the show is the timeline, and being able to play dress-up. You can see her costumes are out of control this season. It’s just great, though to then have the added element of the relationship with Lila. And I always love playing with Ken [Hall], who plays Herb. And A.J. Carmichael! It was so out of control, but I just loved it.

Walsh explains that the show’s willingness and ability to mess with the space-time continuum adds a level of fun unpredictability to the series. Not to mention, her character was able to return to the show. Despite their need to suspend disbelief given her bullet to the head, fans accepted the surprise. Yet, the show’s major narrative isn’t the only appeal, for Walsh also loves that she gets to play dress-up and dive into the character’s interpersonal relationships in season 2. 

Walsh talks favorite costumes in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ 

Kate Walsh’s costumes in The Umbrella Academy are top-notch. The designer matched the outfits to the character’s disposition; thus, Walsh always appears dressed to the nines and in command. Walsh noted: 

I loved that red suit that she comes back to the commission in. That was a dope one. And then I loved her young handler look with a long blonde wig and that lavender sort of houndstooth. I think it was when she decides to steal the file from A.J.’s desk and has Five assassinate Lila’s parents. We just had a great time with the hats, and the hair and makeup and wardrobe department.

From an unpredictable timeline to fun costumes and crazy interpersonal dynamics, Walsh has had a great time on The Umbrella Academy. Many of the facets Walsh notes have undoubtedly contributed to the show’s glorious critical acclaim and impressive viewership. 

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