Katie Price warns cruel trolls ‘you won’t get away with hurting my Harvey’ – and she’ll fight them all the way to prison

KATIE Price has warned cruel trolls "you won’t get away with hurting my son Harvey" and says she’ll fight them all the way to prison.

The 42-year-old mum has brought up Harvey, 18, alone since birth after being abandoned by his dad, ex-Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke.

She says “he’s a disgusting human for not wanting to know his son” as she is left to defend him against online abuse.

She has stepped up her bid to get Harvey’s Law introduced after a vile clip of a man in black make-up pretending to be Harvey and a woman posing as her appeared on Twitter.

In an emotional interview with The Sun, Katie said: “They pick up on him because he’s black, obese and has disabilities.

“I play the mum and dad role to him, so I am protective. He is a unique child and he’s very special.

“Harvey is harmless, he’s innocent and he loves everyone.

“If they met him they’d love him. He’d just say hello and want to talk to them.

“I need to ensure that people don’t get away with this and it stops now.

“I’m prepared to take it all the way to court. It’s disgusting and it really upsets me.”

The mum of five says her next eldest children — whose dad is ex-husband Peter Andre — have been devastated by the abuse and forced to defend their brother online.

Katie adds: “Junior and Princess are so protective of Harvey. They can’t understand why people are so horrible and they keep saying to me, ‘We’re so normal, why do we deserve to be mocked?’

“I want people to know they can face prison because of their abuse on social media.

“It’s so hard and heartbreaking, but I’ll do anything for my Harvey.”

Katie has just finished filming an eye-opening BBC documentary, Katie Price: Harvey And Me, to show how they live with his condition.

She says her fans will be shocked after only ever showing his “fun” side and not the true struggles.

But Katie has admitted disabled Harvey has piled on almost two stone and is now tipping the scales at 28st 7lb.

She says doctors have warned that the battle to keep Harvey alive is “critical” — as he could drop dead from a heart attack if he doesn’t lose weight urgently.

His obsession with food is linked to his disabilities — which make him always feel hungry.

It became so bad that Katie was recently forced to beg fans for help in finding a treadmill and rowing machine in a desperate bid to get her son exercising during lockdown.

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