KFC game on Steam has a sexy Colonel Sanders in a Food Wars!-like dating simulator with shokugeki kitchen battles

A new KFC game is getting a lot of side-eye for a very good reason. Called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, it’s a PC game on Steam that literally has a sexy anime Colonel Sanders that’s already reminding anime fans of Food Wars! (see our article on Food Wars! Season 4, which is coming out soon).

Set in a culinary school, the KFC game has players assuming the role of a student who just happens to be working with one Colonel Sanders. Yes, there are other characters like Professor Dog and rivals for you to compete against in the kitchen, but what everyone is talking about is how the KFC game has Colonel Sanders front and center in a dating game. And, yes, he is a dateable character.

Already the jokes and innuendo are rolling in, from how this KFC game gives “finger lickin’ good” a new meaning, and how Kentucky Fried Chicken is now forcing the hungry masses to “consider the existence of Colonel Sanders’ drumstick”.

Not only does the KFC game have shokugeki, er, cooking battles, but the animation style of the official KFC trailer distinctly reminds everyone of the Food Wars! anime. Nobody is ripping off their clothing in ecstasy after a bite of KFC chicken, nor are they rolling around in mashed potatoes, but they are riding drumsticks… purposeful innuendo or not, you be the judge.

“I know that KFC dating sim is getting its fair share of flak,” wrote anime voice actor Patrick Seitz on Twitter. “Honestly, though, if romancing the Colonel lands me some free biscuits, who am I to rebuff him?”

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