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KHLOE Kardashian has shown off her tiny waist in a sparkly see-through outfit in a new post for BFFs Malika and Khadijah Haqq.

The star has shed a significant amount of weight recently, stunning fans with how thin she got.

On Friday, the Good American founder took to her Instagram feed to wish her longtime gal pals Malika and Khadijah Haqq a happy birthday.

She shared a series of photos of them through the years but there was one in particular that got fans talking.

In the photo, Khloe appeared to be sitting between the twins.

She and one of her friends puckered their lips at the camera while the other simply smiled.

The Hulu star had on a sparkly sheer outfit that was covered in rhinestones.

Her undergarments, including a beige bra, could be seen underneath the outfit.

Khloe's tiny waist was on full display in the snap.

Her long blonde-brown hair hung down around her shoulders.

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It was neither curly nor straight but appeared intentionally styled.

She was also rocking a full face of glam and extremely plump lips.


The photo comes after Khloe opened up to fans about her weight loss journey and her relationship to her body and fitness.

The star confessed that she has struggled in the past with feeling confident, especially when being compared to her sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

Khloe told InStyle magazine in the interview that comparisons between her and her sisters through the years were damaging to her self-esteem.

The mogul told the magazine: "I never thought I was fat until the media told me I was fat."

This led to a negative relationship between her and her body – something that has changed drastically in recent years.

Khloe told InStyle she's done a lot of inner work to get where she is today and now she looks at the gym as a kind of therapy or release, not a punishment, and feels much more confident. 

The mom of two spent much of the interview talking, in particular, about her love of the Hydrow, which is a subscription-based rowing machine. 

She's been seen promoting the product on social media, sharing photos of herself using it that generated some buzz about her thinning frame.

Khloe revealed that she's gotten really into rowing and the gym overall, much like her sister Kim.

The two often work out together and have a sort of competition going.

Khloe told InStyle: "We don't row in the same place together because we don't have enough machines at one place because we work out together.

"If someone's at my house, for example, I'll be rowing while they're doing a weightlifting set."

She added: "We are very competitive, especially Kim and I. We'll be like, 'OK, I'm going to beat the meters you got.'"

In the same interview, Khloe confessed that she is "obsessive" about her weight.

She told the magazine: "The scale Fs with you. I don't even look at a scale anymore. I think it's really unhealthy. I haven't in years. They're just numbers."


Fans have been largely unconvinced that all of the changes to Khloe's appearance are natural.

In fact, many speculate that she has gone under the knife and they're not happy about it.

Khloe recently shared photos of herself showcasing her plumped-up pout, prompting her fans to beg her to slow down on the alleged operations.

Kardashian fans reposted the selfie of the star on a Reddit thread dedicated to the famous reality TV family. 

Titled "Khloe via Snapchat," Redditors rushed to the post's comment thread to share their thoughts on the proud mom's changing appearance. 

One person wrote: "There is absolutely something off about her cheeks/jaws recently and it makes me very sad."

A second fan speculated: "It’s the last nose job, it messed the rest of her features."

"I think she’s messed with the space between her nose and upper lip, and she’s messed with her cheeks and lips to try to compensate," guessed a third.

Another person commented: "It looks like she got cheek filler and jaw filler and removed her buccal fat, so it's ultra exaggerated and cartoonish."

"I know, she can't even close her mouth," added a fifth. 

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One confused fan questioned: "So it’s not a filter?" before adding, "I honestly thought her lips were a filter the other day! Khloe baby, stop please stop messing with your natural beauty."

While a final commenter wrote: "Sad. So sad. Her whole face looks off. Her nostrils are different shapes and sizes even. Why can’t we have an intervention show for celebs addicted to surgery and get the into some help!"

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