Kim vows to destroy the Dingles in huge Emmerdale war

Kim Tate (Claire King) issued a warning to Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) in Wednesday’s (May 10) edition of Emmerdale after he ended up in a fight with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews).

And yes, they are grown men.

Cain and Will went up against each other in last night’s episode after Cain told Nicky (Lewis Cope) that he wasn’t allowed to drink in the pub – which came after Nicky spoke to Cain about Isaac stealing Lucas’ telescope in a previous episode.

He then decided to take the Home James van and block the entrance to Will and Jimmy’s (Nick Miles) yard.

The van was still broken, as Cain was in the middle of working on it but changed his mind, meaning Will and Jimmy couldn’t move it unless they hired a different mechanic.

The petty remarks and sarcastic comments continued between Cain and Will tonight, as they argued outside the garage with Caleb (William Ash) and Jimmy present.

Cain made a comment about Kim being the one in control in her and Will’s marriage, which was enough for him to receive a punch in the face.

As things escalated, Will wondered if Cain would get Kyle (Huey Quinn) on him, who of course shot and murdered Al (Michael Wildman) a few months ago.

Fortunately, Caleb and Jimmy stepped in and stop things from going too far.

Later that day, Kim pulled up in her posh car, ready to confront Cain.

Initially, Cain wasn’t really that bothered about Kim’s threats, but she then said how amusing she’d find it if she destroyed every single member of his family – and we all know how Cain feels when someone messes with a person he loves.

Of course, as this all unfolds, Caleb is no doubt rubbing his hands together with glee. As the Dingles and Tates go to war in his plan to take over Home Farm, only one family will come out on top.

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