Landlord, 81, rents out her home for her pension but heartless tenant owes £13k

Dale Prime-Holder is very protective of his 81-year-old mum.

When she made the decision to rent out the former family home as a way of giving her a pension, he was right behind her.

The devoted son even manages the property, in Lewisham, south London, for his elderly mum.

So he's devastated when the current tenant had refused to pay her rent for SIX months, meaning she now owes his OAP mother a massive £13,000.

Dale's mother's case is just one of the situations facing those who rent homes and their landlords in Channel 5's Nightmare Tenants: Slum Landlords.

He said: "The house is my mum's pension. I don't want my pensioner mum kept up at night because people won't pay her rent."

Dale has no choice but to involve the courts to get an eviction order to get the tenant out.

The court grants his eviction order Dale's mum's tenant has 14 days to leave.

But when the time for her to be out of the flat arrives Dale is horrified to find that not only has she not left – or paid her rent – more people are living in the house with her.

The tenant, Claudia, has said she won't budge until she receives an eviction notice – at more expense to Dale's mum.

The IT sales consultant said: "There's no respect to the elderly here, she's done this to an elderly woman and that's unforgiveable."

Bailiffs are called a few weeks later and the house is finally empty.

But just as Dale and the team are about to leave, former tenant Claudia appears and it's revealed she's now homeless.

Dale admits he feels awful that she has nowhere to live, especially after she speaks to her mum – who is still owed her £13,000 rent – and she tells him Claudia has phoned to apologise.

Meanwhile in Wandsworth, south west London, Blair Bartholomew is also owed a huge amount of momey from tenants who are refusing to pay.

She rented out her flat but she believes it was through a fake letting agency, who she has not been able to get hold of for months.

She calls in lawyer, Chris Sharpe, and court appointed officials to get rid of her unwanted tenants.

But she admits it's been a living hell.

Blair said: "I'm £15,000 down, not just with the rent I've lost but also what I've had to pay out in court costs.

"I don't know what sort of person would do something like this – it's despicable."

She has even offered to pay her unpaying tenants deposit on a new flat and help them find somewhere else to live in a last ditch attempt to get rid of them before involving the legal system,

And when Blair finally does get her unwanted guests out of her home, she feels terrified just being inside it.

  • Nightmare Tenants: Slum Landlords is on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight.

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