Larry David & Maya Rudolph Back On ‘SNL’ For Town Hall Skit As Show Goes Heavy On Trump Impeachment

The just launched impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump was the big story of the week, and it also dominated the Season 45 premiere of Saturday Night Live with three skits devoted to the it, aw well as the top of Weekend Update.

Following the Cold Open featuring Trump making panicked calls over the impeachment, SNL aired a CNN Impeachment Town Hall, featuring Larry David, reprising his Barry Sanders impersonation, Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris, host Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden with “high beam” whitened teeth, Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren and SNL’s first East Asian cast member, Bowen Yang, as Andrew Yang. A couple of other candidates made very brief appearances including Marianne Williamson via astral projection.

“The Democratic candidates have united together and have decided to handle the impeachment the only way they know how,  with a muddled, 10-person Town Hall debate,” moderator Erin Burnett (Cecily Strong) said in opening the proceedings.

“Daddy’s here, America,”Harrelson’s Biden said. “I see you, I hear you, I sniff you, and I hug you from behind.”

He later added, ‘I’m like plastic straws, I’ve been around forever, I’ve always worked, but now you’re mad at me? Drink up America.”

During the discussion, Biden’s segregation-related background was referenced, and the former VP name-dropped his former mate Barack Obama multiple times

“I’m America’s cool aunt, a fun aunt, I call that a funt,” Rudolph’s Harris said. “The kind of funt that will give you weed but then arrest you for that weed.”

Harris has changed her stance on marijuana laws several times during her tenure as California Attorney General and during her time in the Senate.

“I hope you all enjoyed hot girl summer, because it’s school librarian fall,” McKinnon’s Warren said.

David’s Sanders poked fun at Biden’s difficulty connect with voters, saying: ‘Remember when everyone thought I would be the one to seem out of touch, this guy makes me look like Drake.’

The skit got thumbs-up by Andrew Yang who liked Bowen Yang’s impersonation of him.

Here is also the third Trump impeachment-related skit, Inside the Beltway, that saw a mishap by a stage hand send Aidy Bryant and her co-stars into a fit of giggles, and the opening of Weekend Update that also tackled the impeachment.



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