‘Less bank holidays than anyone in Europe!’ Ross Kemp hits out as he heralds Jubilee

GMB: Ross Kemp on extra Bank Holiday for Queen's Jubilee

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TV presenter Ross Kemp has called for an annual National Thank You Day, or “Thank Holiday”, to commemorate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne. He further championed the idea during his latest appearance on Good Morning Britain and received full support from ITV presenters Richard Madeley and Charlotte Hawkins.

Ross has called for this week’s bank holiday to be made a permanent fixture on the calendar.

He claimed the long weekend would bring the UK more in step with other countries in Europe, all of which have more public holidays each year.

“She is a very beautiful lady, I would suggest,” Ross began his tribute to the Queen.

“There is something about her that is unique, and very, very special.”

The actor and presenter appeared on GMB to raise awareness for his “Knock, Name, Natter” campaign to ensure as many people as possible are able to get involved in the celebrations.

However, Ross made it clear he doesn’t think the Jubilee festivities should stop in 2022.

“And that’s why as a nation we should come together and celebrate her unflinching service over 70 years,” he continued.

“And raise a glass to her but also raise a glass, if we can, to the volunteers.”

GMB presenter Charlotte then reiterated Ross’ calls for the extra holiday to be implemented every year.

Ross chimed in: “We have less bank holidays than anyone else in Europe! By some way.”

“We can afford another one,” Richard added, and Charlotte enthusiastically agreed.

“I think we’re owed one,” Ross continued. “And after what we’ve been through for the last two years we need something to celebrate.”

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“We’ve got the higher cost of living, a war going on in Europe. Let’s celebrate!”

England and Wales currently just have between eight and 10 bank holidays each year, one of the lowest in the world.

In comparison, France and the Netherlands take 11 days off, Italy and Spain have around 12, and Sweden and Switzerland can have as many as 15.

Ross is now hoping his drive to get as many people involved in the celebrations as possible can help the Jubilee Weekend remain in place for years to come.

“The natter bit is really the most important bit,” he explained. “The natter is so there’s a legacy after this day.”

“People can go on Facebook, they can go on WhatsApp, they can create a better understanding inside their community that will go forward.

“At the moment, I don’t need to go round and get a cup of sugar or need someone to get me to hospital. But in the years to come, I might need that.

“So, if we can encourage people to come together and create a legacy from these celebrations, then all the better for us.”

Businesses and unions have also echoed Ross’ calls to make the national holiday permanent, though no official plans have been announced so far.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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