'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' Recap: Ambassador Axed After Stripping, Sticking Bread Up His Butt

Another one of Lohan’s ambassadors bites the dust.

Making out with the VIP clients, throwing back shots with them and washing their feet are all things that are AOK at "Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club" … but stripping in front of them, that’s another story.

With summer in Mykonos coming to a close, Lindsay Lohan and Panos have some major cuts to make and tonight, one ambassador made the decision a little easier for them both.

Most of the action this hour revolved around Mike trying way too hard to make sure Sophie and Nathan from "Geordie Shore" — the UK’s answer to "Jersey Shore" — were having a good time.

First, he kissed Sophie after doing a body shot off her navel, before giving Nathan a sensual massage. Mike took things a step further when he offered Nathan his own swimsuit, stripping it off in the cabana before parading around the beach club with his hands preserving his modesty. Oh yeah, he also put a piece of bread up his crack and asked if anyone wanted some.

Just watch this foolery below:

He eventually got yelled at by security, who warned him that there were children all around the establishment and adding, "it’s a family kind of beach." Though Mike didn’t see a problem — saying there were people nude on the beach all the time — he put his shorts back on.

Lindsay and Panos were filled in on his shenanigans by the club’s general manager and Lohan was livid.

"Who does that fall back on at the end of the day? Not even you, me," she said to her partner, reiterating the importance of protecting her "brand."

"This is completely unacceptable," she added in a confessional. "Mike didn’t just like moon people, he took his pants off. It’s so disrespectful and it makes me look like a horrible person and that I’m not a good boss and that I’m not good at doing this job."

The episode ended with the entire crew getting their next assignments from Panos, but he had nothing for Mike.

"As for you, Mike, I was at Lindsay’s villa yesterday," he said, before explaining the phone call from the GM. "There were small kids there watching the whole situation. You should pack your stuff then and leave. I want you out of here."

Based on the preview, Mike will try and argue his job back but it’s not looking good.

"Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club" airs Mondays on MTV.

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