'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' Recap: Why Does Lindsay Keep Defending Brent?

One of Lohan’s ambassadors threatens to quit the show after seeing his ex make out with another guy.

Watching Lindsay Lohan play boss to a bunch of twenty-somethings on "Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club" has been a roller coaster of an experience, to say the least.

Nearing the end of the season, however, we still don’t have the greatest grasp on what it truly means to be one of her "Ambassadors" … and, at times, it doesn’t seem like they do either.

Depending on the day, they could be doing anything from washing VIP clients’ feet, upselling cocktails or literally sitting in cabanas on the beach alone doing nothing. Whatever the gig entails, they need to start doing an even better job at it, as tonight we learned only four of them will be sticking around to represent Lohan in her future endeavors.

Lindsay herself didn’t pop up too much this week, as most of the hour involved Brent being all kinds of mopey after his split from Sara. You see, Sara finally came to her senses and dumped his ass, after Brent completely ignored her when a few of his friends came to the house last week.

After all the ambassadors vented to both Nico Tortorella and Panos about Brent’s toxic attitude, Lindsay rewarded them all with an afternoon on a yacht. We’ll let her explain.

"Everyone is complaining about Brent and he does have tendencies to be a bully and maybe that’s because he was bullied in the past," she said. "Instead of getting angry with him, which I don’t have time to do, I decided to send them all on a yacht day together so they can have fun, see what working with me with get them and really just be happy together."

Considering she’s already complained about his intentions, his snapping at Panos and his PDA with Sara when he should be representing her brand, you’d think having literally everyone complain about how awful a person Brent is would be the final straw. She’s fired people for a lot less. But, okay, boat trip it is!

The excursion didn’t do much to smooth things over with Brent, who isolated himself from the rest of the group and threatened to leave the show altogether once Sara started making out with Billy.

"Have respect for yourself," he said of his ex. "Sara just showed that she doesn’t respect herself. She should be embarrassed. I just had sex with her a couple nights ago and now she’s with another dude. You look like a complete idiot."

He then told a producer he was ready to go home, like home home. "I know I’m being dramatic … I just don’t want to have a breakdown," he said. "I’m just like over it. When we get to the house, I’m going to pack my shit and go."

Panos showed up to the ambassadors’ pad later that night, while filling Lindsay in on all the drama over the phone. While he said he was "so pissed," adding, "I think I need to do something with Brent," Lindsay had words about Sara instead.

"I don’t feel like Sara should have kissed Billy," she said in her confessional. "I feel like the high school therapist. You’re on a yacht, why start drama? She’s better than that."

Speaking to Panos on the phone, she added, "This is who Brent is, and he’s great at his job and he’s one of our strongest ambassadors and I don’t want to lose him." In an other confessional, Lohan added, "I think Brent just needs a friend."

Listen, we get this is a reality show. Keeping the most outspoken cast member around while firing bores like Jules makes sense to keep the series exciting. But the mental gymnastics involved in justifying his saving are getting exhausting.

The episode ended with all the ambassadors shaking in their boots, as Panos explained that only four of them will be keeping their jobs. As Lindsay explained, they really only need three, but she’s "the kind of person who will always keep an extra one just in case."

Who do you think they’ll be? "Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club" airs Mondays on MTV.

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