Line of Duty fans left baffled as they spot police ‘background check’ plot hole

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Line of Duty viewers were left scratching their heads as they were perplexed over how Ryan Pilkington managed to join the Central Police force.

Fans met Ryan back in series one as a young teenager who worked for Tommy Hunter.

He collected drugs and debts and delivered burner phones to Hunter's team.

Ryan returned in series five as an organised crime gang member and he murdered John Corbett.

At the end of the series, he joined the Central Police force as a student police officer.

Tonight, Kate became suspicious of Ryan and, after doing a background check, found out she had interviewed him when he was a juvenile offender.

Viewers were baffled that the police didn't find out who Ryan was sooner, as one viewer said: "Bit unrealistic Ryan being in the police! Surely they do background checks!!"

Another penned: "What sort of background check does the police do to let this guy join the police".

Others found it strange that Ryan didn't change his name and records before he attempted to join the force.

One fan wrote: "The point is that he had inside help, but odd they wouldn't have changed his records/name etc, that's stupid."

Another said: "Why has Ryan joined the police under his real name? Schoolboy error?"

In dramatic scenes tonight, Ryan attempted to murder Terry Boyle as he drove the police car into a lake.

Terry survived, but Ryan brutally killed officer Lisa Patel as he held her under the water until she drowned.

At the end of the episode, AC-12 found out that Terry was involved with the OCG.

They now know that Jackie Laverty's body was found in a freezer belonging to Terry.

Viewers were on the edge of the seats, thrilled that the show were linking back to the murder of Jackie in season one.

Line of Duty airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

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