Louise dies in EastEnders horror kidnapping?

Is Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) set to become collateral damage for her dad Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) dodgy dealings in EastEnders?

Phil’s money laundering scheme has gone well and truly belly up as it’s come to the point he can’t hold off Danny (Paul Usher) and Midge (Tom Colley) any longer as he can’t afford to pay them.

As Danny’s threats increase, and with weirdo Midge sniffing around, Phil’s problems have been slowly escalating to the point where Louise becomes the target, and all it takes is for Keanu Taylor’s (Danny Walters) guard of her to drop for one second for Midge to get the chance to bundle her into the back of a car.

Now her life is in serious danger as her dad battles to save her, having realised she’s been taken to the docks and locked in a shipping container.

He, Keanu and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) all rush there to find her, but with hundreds of containers, is there any way they’ll track her down?

Keanu is the one to discover where she’s being held, but as he unties her, Midge knocks him unconscious and locks them both in.

Neither Phil or Ben know where they are and there are hundreds of containers to search. Will they be left to die together?

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