'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Star Apryl Jones Claims "Moneice Is Still in Love With Fizz" Amongst Other Things in New Interview

A Love & Hip Hop Hollywood love story has never caused as much controversy until the union of Fizz and Apryl Jones. The VH1 reality series is centered on relationships in entertainment, but Fizz and Jones’ is unique. For starters, Jones was in a long term relationship with the singer, Omarion, and documented their love during seasons 1 and 2 on the show. They went on to have two children and their storyline remained clean with viewers loving them for steering clear of the drama.

Jones and Omarion left the show after their second season to focus on family and their careers. They eventually split and Jones returned for this season solo. Yet, fans were shocked to find a budding relationship between Fizz and Jones as the season progressed. While they insisted they were just friends, they would eventually confirm that they were dating.

It would appear that people would be happy that Jones moved on but that’s definitely not the case. Fizz and Omarion have been best friends since they were teenagers, with both of them being in the mega-group, B2K. Fizz also shares a son with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star, Moneice Slaughter, making the three of them coworkers. Omarion has been mute about his ex’s new relationship but Slaughter has made her opinions heard loud and clear. Jones recently addressed Slaughter and critics of her relationship with Fizz in an interview with YouTube host, Domenick Nati, including rumors that she and Fizz are expecting a baby.

Apryl Jones claims Moneice Slaughter is still in love with Fizz

Jones says that Slaughter’s issue with her and Fizz dating is because Slaughter still has feelings for her ex. Fans of the show have watched the oftentimes difficult co-parenting relationship between Slaughter and Fizz. At one point, however, their relationship seemed to be progressing in a positive direction.

Slaughter and Fizz lived together at one time on the show, and they were on good terms for a while. Things went awry when Jones and Fizz began hanging out. Jones says that it’s all attributed to Slaughter’s unresolved feelings for the father of her child. When asked about whether or not she felt strongly about Slaughter still being in love with Fizz, Jones responded:

“100%. There definitely are feelings there because she just contradicts herself a lot. One minute she says she wants me and Drew [Fizz] to be together and I have those messages and I have all of the things that she’s said.”

Slaughter has denied such claims when asked in her interviews. During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, she insisted that her issue with Fizz and Jones is that she felt they lied about the nature of their relationship. According to Slaughter, Fizz and Jones’ claimed their friendship was platonic and led her to believe that there was nothing more to it. She also claimed that the two pursued one another was out of spite towards Omarion.

More importantly, Slaughter alleges that Fizz instructed their son to lie about spending time with him and Jones. “My son had felt the need to hide and lie,” she said, He said he thought that I didn’t want him around Apryl because of what happened between ‘Daddy and Uncle [Omarion].’”

Apryl Jones claims Moniece Slaughter suffers from mental illness

Jones also spoke to the difficulty of communicating with Slaughter. She told Domenick during her interview, “I don’t really know how to read Moneice but she really does suffer from bipolar disorder and borderline personality,” Jones alleged. “She’ll call it severe anxiety, whatever you want to call it, whatever but she really does suffer from certain things.”

It’s a harsh allegation. Slaughter has worked hard to combat questions about her mental health. Though known to be hot-tempered, she says that she has only reacted to situations as opposed to starting trouble. 

In a lengthy response to Fizz and Apryl joking about her in a clip that was posted on The Shade Room, Slaughter snapped back, saying in part:

“After 5 long seasons of sh*t like this on and off camera. I’m bound to fold at some point. For those of you that actually take pride in educating themselves. You can research my diagnosis. Situational Depression. Social Anxiety. ADHD. For which I began taking meds for last year. I had an adverse reaction to the medication because the dosage was too high…”

Jones stands by her claims and declared in the interview, “Moniece is not a stable person.”

Apryl Jones says she does not care what people think about her relationship with Fizz

Jones and Fizz have been catching a lot of heat since the speculation about the two being in a relationship began. Initially, she said that her castmates accused her and Fizz of lying about their relationship from the start, causing a divide between the cast. Their relationship has caused even more backlash from social media commentators and other celebrities in Hollywood. 

Former Love & Hip Hop New York star and podcast host, Joe Budden, has been vocal about his disapproval of Fizz and Jones’ relationship. When Fizz and Jones made their love official on Instagram, Budden commented on Twitter seemingly applauding Jones’ ex, Omarion, for remaining silent throughout the situation. “Omarion don’t get enough credit for just chillin cuz man listen……”

Jones was asked about Budden’s comment along with other critics of her relationship with Fizz. She responded that Budden’s view, as well as others, is “ignorant” because no one knows the intricate details about what caused the demise of her relationship with Omarion. She told Domenick,

“I think that when people don’t know, because I’ve never gone public about what has happened and transpired between me and O – the only thing that I said was that he left his family and that was it. There’s so many things that I can say, I just haven’t said them.”

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Good things come to those who wait.

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“Whether Fizz and Jones care about the world’s critiques of their love, we will never know; however, it makes for great TV.”

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