Love Island 2022 LATEST: Gemma Owen's head could be turned amid ‘strong connection’ with Luca says body language expert | The Sun

LOVE Island's Gemma could have her head turned after showing signs of a "strong connection" with Luca, a body language expert says.

Gemma was seen SNOGGING Luca Bish in a raunchy game in last night's episode.

Body language expert Darren Stanton analysed Gemma Owen’s terrace chat with Luca Bish and revealed the tell-tale signs that show the 19-year-old's head could be turned by the fish-seller.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren reveals:: “As Luca and Gemma headed to the terrace they immediately began to match and mirror each other’s posture, which implies the two already share a strong connection.

"Gemma was sat back with her arms open, one elbow resting on the side and a similar posture was adopted by Luca.

"He was honest during the conversation, laying his feelings on the line and telling Gemma he likes her."

He added: “We heard Gemma discussing Luca potentially meeting her father at this early stage, which suggests she is already thinking long-term when it comes to Luca and wants them to get together."

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  • Louis Allwood

    Fans left cringing at show’s ‘most awkward moment ever’

    LOVE Island fans think they witnessed the show’s “most awkward moment ever” last night as Gemma quizzed Davide.

    In cringeworthy and frankly bizarre scenes the 19-year-old asked the Italian stallion, 27, to use three words to describe her.

    Davide looked completely baffled and fell silent before insisting it was too late at night to play those games.

    After a painful pause, he finally shared his thoughts in the ego boosting game.

    Those watching the show at home couldn’t cope with the moment, with one viewer moaning: “Still can’t get over that davide couldn’t come up with THREE words to describe Gemma…..the awkward silence was SO LOUD!!! #loveisland.”

    Another tweeted: “The awkward silence of Davide thinking of 3 words for Gemma #LoveIsland.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Gemma left furious last night

    LOVE Island's Gemma Owen was left 'furious' last night as new bombshell, Ekin-Su made a 'patronising' comment towards her.

    Gemma Owen, the 19-year-old rolled her eyes, smirked and moaned about the bombshells after Ekin-Su took a "patronising" swipe about her age.

    Ekin-Su said: "I'm sorry I'm not here to find seasonal girlfriends, I'm here to find the love of my life. You could be my little sister."

    "I'm sure she wasn't meaning it in a bitchy way but I felt like it was a bit patronising," Gemma hit back.

    However, Gemma didn't seem upset for long – as she was seen SNOGGING Luca Bish in a raunchy game shortly after.

    Fans were all left saying the same thing following the comment, as many believed it to be justified.

    One said: "So Gemma kicking off over Ekin-Su for being patronising,yet just chatting behind her back like a child?? babe act like a child you get treated like one."

    A second said: "I can see why Gemma found that “sister” comment patronising, but babe you’re almost ten years younger than her. You’re literally her junior."

  • Louis Allwood

    Who has Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu dated?

    Ekin-Su's dating history is unknown.

    However, the reality TV star has made it clear that she is looking to find a "real genuine spark" as she appears on the ITV dating programme.

    The actress called her previous relationships disappointing and vowed to "change up my game and try to go for the nice guys".

    She has said she will do whatever it takes to get the guy she wants- even if that means treading on other people's toes.

    "I don’t care about treading on toes. Of course, I am there to make friends too but realistically I’m not there to make seasonal girlfriends, I’m there to find the love of my life.

    "I need to find the man of my dreams so if there is another girl in the way, I don’t care. I’m quite fiery and passionate so if I want something, I don’t care what gets in the way," she revealed.

  • Louis Allwood

    Where is Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu from?

    Ekin-Su is Turkish.

    The actress and influencer splits her time between Essex and Istanbul.

    Before even entering Love Island, she had a huge following of 356k followers on Instagram, and we can only imagine how that number will grow in the following weeks in the villa. 

    Follow her @ekinsuoffical

  • Louis Allwood

    What TV shows has Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu been in?

    The 27-year-old bombshell has made waves on the Turkish screens, having starred in a TV series called Kuzey Yildizi (2020), which translates to North Star.

    The IMDb synopsis for the series reads: Families are also friendly to each other. Kuzey and Yildiz are engaged. But when Kuzey goes to Istanbul to study at university, he forgets all his words and sets sail for new love.

    "When this is learned by his family, Kuzey is excommunicated by everyone in the village, including his own family."

    Ekin-Su portrays the role of Isil in the dramatic series.

    The Love Island star also took part in a film project while studying at university.

    The project was a low budget reality TV show called Lancashore.

    In an effort to be like Geordie Shore, the 'series' followed the lives of a handful of male and female students.

  • Louis Allwood

    Ladbrokes latest odds

    Afia is favourite with Ladbrokes for a swift Love Island exit tonight.

    With one girl set to be sent packing, the bookies make newbie Afia 7/4 favourite in the betting to be dumped from the island, while Indiyah is next at 5/2 ahead of Amber (7/2).

    Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: "Sparks are yet to fly for Afia and the odds suggest an imminent island exit is on the cards."

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans slam Tasha as ‘jealous’

    Love Island fans have branded Tasha Ghouri "jealous" after catching her glaring over while Ekin-Su flirted with Andrew Le Page.

    Last night stunning actress Ekin-Su entered the villa and instantly caused a stir as she made a beeline for Davide and then Andrew.

    Her arrival didn’t go down too well with the girls, who suddenly became very protective of their men.

    Model Tasha, who is coupled up with Andrew, looked fuming as he chatted to Ekin-Su, despite the fact she had been getting to know Luca herself.

    Those watching at home clocked her looking unhappy and went online to discuss her reaction.

    “Why is Tasha getting jealous pls you pied Andrew off 2 days ago babes ? 🤦🏽#loveisland”, wrote one fan.

    Another tweeted: “Tasha is jealous? I thought she said she wanted to take it slow🤣🤣🤣..Go get your man dear..Andrew won’t wait for so long #LoveIsland.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans convinced Ekin-Su will turn heads

    LOVE Island fans are convinced that sizzling new bombshell Ekin-Su could turn Davide's head now she has entered the villa.

    Last night Love Island fans watched on as Liam went on dates with the two new bombshells.

    However, when they entered the villa, Ekin-Su made it clear she was after Davide.

    Viewers watched Gemma looking absolutely fuming after the blonde babe tried to steal her man by taking him on a heart-racing workout.

    Gemma was absolutely rattled, as she turned to leave saying: "I don't think I can watch this."

    She goes on to say: "This is cringe as f***."

    Fans are saying they think Ekin-Su could be right up the Italian snack, Davide's street.

    Taking to Twitter, one said: "I think Ekin Su is more Davide's type."

    Another agreed: "I think davide will want ekin su."

    A third wrote: "I don't think Gemma is that interested in Davide, she's just gone after him cause he was new and everyone else wanted him.

    "As soon as Liam got the texts for the dates her face said it all. I think she'll go back to him #LoveIsland."

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans think Andrew Le Page looks like American movie star

    Love Island fans are convinced Andrew Le Page looks like American Movie star Ben Affleck.

    According to some, Andrew, 27, bears a strong resemblance to the actor – despite their 22-year age gap.

    But while Ben has played the hero Batman, Andrew has been labelled a villain during his time in the villa so far.

    He's been locked in a love triangle with Tasha Ghouri and Luca Bish, both 23, – and even got caught lying in a bid to break them up.

    Looking past his mistakes, viewers focused on his boyish good looks – that make him look like a young Affleck.

    "Andrew looks like ben affleck ??? lmao," said one.

    Another suggested: "Andrew kinda looks like Ben Affleck."

    Someone else said: "Bro andrew looks like ben affleck."

  • Jack White

    Former Islander reveals she spent thousands preparing for her stint on the show

    Rosie Williams, who shot to fame on the show in 2018, has opened up about what went into her pre-villa makeover.

    Brunette bombshell Rosie, 30, has shared the great lengths she went to ahead of Love Island in order to look her very best.

    Despite only being in front of the cameras for a number of days, she wracked up a bill of thousands of pounds worth of procedures.

    She told OK! magazine: "I applied for the show at the end of April and within 24 hours the producers were on the phone to me, telling me that they were interested in my application.

    "I needed to prepare myself for that possibility – so from then on, everything I did was with Love Island in mind."

    "I must’ve spent up to £2,000 getting ready for Love Island. My hair extensions were £500, so that was where most of the money went."

    Rosie concluded that she "regretted" spending so much money on the aesthetic work ahead of the show.

    Rosie confessed to spending thousands on her appearance before entering the villaCredit: itv
  • Jack White

    Did Liam put on an accent for his dates with Ekin-Su and Afia?

    Liam had dates with bombshells Ekin-Su and Afia in last night's show.

    But fans at home spotted something strange about his behaviour as he attempted to woo the ladies.

    Many felt that Liam had changed his accent slightly during the dates, as he appeared very softly spoken on his villa dates.

    "Is it just me or has Liam put on a really creepy soothing sort of baby voice for these dates?!" one said.

    A second chimed in: "What happened to Liam's voice on this date?" as a third said: "Not the voice change from Liam."

    "Anyone else noticed Liam trying to put on some sexy voice on the date, Now I've got the ick," a fourth agreed.

    What did you think?

    Did Liam put on a fake accent during his dates with Ekin-Su and Afia?Credit: itv
  • Jack White

    Bosses hit back at claims the show is scripted

    As rumours continue to swirl about how genuine the conversations between Islander are, bosses have released a strong-worded statement.

    As with any reality show, there have always been questions about whether or not the singletons are told what to say.

    But the show has cleared up any doubt.

    A statement read: "As anyone who watches the show regularly would know, Love Island is a combination of reality and produced elements that are reflective of what’s happening in the villa, and is a fair and accurate representation of villa life.

    "It is absolutely untrue to suggest that Love Island is fake, staged or scripted. The opinions they have and the relationships formed are completely within the control of the Islanders themselves."

  • Jack White

    Fans are convinced Amber is related to a famous TV presenter

    Viewers at home took to social media during last night's episode to insist that Amber HAS to be related to a very famous TV presenter.

    Since Amber joined the new bunch of singletons looking for love in the villa, fans have been trying to put their finger on who she reminds them of.

    And last night they figured it out, saying that she must be a relative of former The Saturdays singer and presenter Rochelle Humes.

    "Amber reminds me of Rochelle Humes," one said, as a second added: "Amber is giving me Rochelle Humes' sister vibes."

    "Amber reminds me of Rochelle Humes, I don't know why," a third added, as a fourth said: "Amber has exactly the same voice as her."

    It wouldn't be the first time one of Rochelle's sisters has appeared on the show, with her sibling Sophie Piper starring in series six of the show.

    Viewers think Amber is a dead ringer for presenter Rochelle HumesCredit: itv
  • Jack White

    Luca makes a huge blunder as he talks about Gemma's dad during their chat

    With the Islanders still unaware of who Gemma's famous dad is, Luca put his foot in it when he pulled her for a chat in last night's show.

    As the football-mad fishmonger made his move on Michael Owen's daughter he made a huge blunder.

    As they spoke about fancying each other, Luca asked if he'd get on with her family.

    She told him: "You're sporty and you're into football, you're into racing.. you'd have stuff in common with my dad."

    Luca asked: "Would me and your dad go out and do things together or does he not get close to people?"

    Gemma replied: "He was quite close with my first boyfriend.

    "I think he appreciates a guy who's into sport and all that kind of stuff. I hear you talking about football and racing and I'm like ooo."

    Luca replied: "Yeah I enjoy playing football and I know what I'm talking about with football."

    "Yeah you talk about it all the f***ing time," laughed Gemma.

    And in a major blunder from Luca he said cockily: "Well, we'll see if he [your dad] knows what he's talking about."


    Luca made a blunder when talking to Gemma about her dadCredit: itv
  • Jack White

    Fans think Ekin-Su is coming to strong as she declares herself 'wifey material'

    Bombshell Ekin-Su definitely ruffled some feathers during her first full day in the villa.

    But fans at home were left cringing after last night's episode when the stunning actress declared herself "wifey material" after making the boys breakfast.

    Quick to try and impress the boys, Ekin-Su headed down to the kitchen to offer to make protein pancakes for the group of lads.

    "Who wants a protein pancake, come on?" she could be heard announcing, much to the delight of the boys who crowded round.

    After whipping up the food, she flipped her hair and continued towards the boys: "I am wifey material, you know?"

    Fans at home flocked to social media to share their thoughts – and they weren't impressed.

    "Ekin-Su is making me cringe this whole episode," one wrote, as a second chimed in: "Ekin-Su is making me physically cringe."

    Ekin-Su left fans 'cringing' when she declared herself 'wifey material'Credit: itv
  • Jack White

    Gemma declares war on Ekin-Su as the bombshell sets her sights on Davide

    Furious-looking Gemma rolled her eyes, smirked and moaned about the new arrivals after Ekin-Su took a "patronising" swipe about her age.

    Ekin-Su said: "I'm sorry I'm not here to find seasonal girlfriends, I'm here to find the love of my life.

    "If I make friends with someone, cool."

    She added to Gemma: "You could be my little sister that I like, protect.

    Gemma later said: "I'm sure she wasn't meaning it in a bitchy way but I felt like it was a bit patronising."

    Talking to the girls in the dressing room, Gemma said: "They're both stunning girls but it was just that comment that pissed me right off.

    "She was like 'I'm going to go for what I want', and I was like, yeah bitch, same."

    She later added in the Beach Hut: “I am confident in myself. I know what I want and nine times out of ten, I do get what I want but this could be the one time difference.”

  • Jack White

    Ex-Islanders address backlash after mocking Rachel Finni in Instagram live 

    Some of the former Love Island stars who were slammed for mocking fellow former Islander Rachel Finni during an Instagram live have responded to the backlash. 

    Fans were left seriously unimpressed when Brad McClelland made a scathing comment about Rachel, saying she was “not a bombshell”, while Aaron Francis, Sharon Gaffka, Tyler Cruikshank and Jake Cornish laughed. 

    Posting a lengthy statement on his Instagram story, Tyler said: “I will be taking the time to reflect on my involvement in this situation and what I could have done differently.” 

    In his own note, Brad said: “I have since reached out to Rachel personally and apologised for any hurt that I have caused.” 

    And Sharon insisted she was “not present” on the live when the comments about Rachel were made. 

    She said: “I do not condone this behaviour or the comments made – I feel very strongly that Rachel’s feelings of hurt are completely valid.”

    Tyler, Brad and Sharon issued apologies to Rachel for the Instagram live commentsCredit: ITV
  • Jack White

    Davide FINALLY addresses his and Gemma's age-gap – and fans aren't impressed

    Tonight's episode saw Davide and Gemma finally address the elephant in the room.

    Ever since he and Gemma started to get to know each other, viewers at home have been waiting for them to talk about the fact that he is 27 while she is just 19.

    And it was Gemma who sparked the conversation.

    She asked Davide whether it "bothered him" or not.

    "What do you think about the fact that I am much older than you, and you are not bothered about that?" Davide asked Gemma.

    She replied: "No it's not an issue for me at all -if it was then I wouldn't have wanted to get to know you in the first place. It's not something that I'm not used to or that you're the only one."

    "For me, it's not an issue, I actually think maybe you are more mature than me," Davide joked back.

    Fans at home were left in shock that Davide had known about the large age gap for the whole time – and took to Twitter to react.

    "Davide asking if Gemma is worried about their age gap? Bro why are YOU not worried about it?" one fumed.

    Another chimed in: "He just said the AGE GAP is not an issue? Wait there – just wait there," alongside a police car emoji.

    "OK so he knows she's 19 and he's fine with the age gap?" a third said alongside a sick-faced emoji, as a fourth added: "Disgusting."

    Fans had their say when Davide and Gemma finally addressed their age-gapCredit: ITV
  • Jack White

    Is this THE moment?

    Gemma says Luca would love her dad because they both like sports.

    Could this be the time we've all been waiting for?

  • Jack White

    New couple alert?

    Gemma says she's attracted to Luca and he's definitely into her.

    He even wants to switch up sleeping arrangements and move in with her.

  • Jack White

    Long time coming

    Luca's pulled Gemma for a chat and she says it's been a long time coming.

    Davide even looks like he's slightly losing his cool.

  • Jack White

    Playing games

    Luca got to snog Paige AND Gemma in the game of beer pong.

    Has Davide got competition?

  • Jack White

    Switching it up

    Paige was told to perform a sexy walk to an Islander she fancies – and it wasn't Andrew!

    Lucky Luca.

  • Jack White

    Glamming up

    Nothing like spending ages getting ready to go and sit in the same garden you've been in all day…

  • Jack White

    Sparks flying

    Ekin-Su has pulled Andrew for a chat and it's already electric between them.

    Tasha looked thrilled about it…

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