Love Island fans brand Aaron Waters ‘hypocrite’ after Lana chat

Love Island fans have spotted clues that Aussie bombshell Aaron Waters is a "hypocrite".

Fans of the ITV2 dating show have clocked how the Love Island Australia star has been saying things about the boys behind their backs during his chats with the girls in the villa.

The other night, Aaron pulled Lana for a chat around the fire pit after she felt down about new girl Samie entering the villa and how that would impact her and Ron's budding romance.

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Fans have started calling out his words against the boys and his behaviour towards Tanyel and Zara.

Taking to the Love Island sub Reddit page, one fan pointed out "Aaron's hypocrisy" when they said: "Anyone noticed how the other day when Aaron went to Lana and was talking about how 'bang out of order' Ron was being and how he was 'disrespectful towards her' but never said it to his face?"

The user went on: "And today [Aaron] was defending Tom like there was no tomorrow and yelling in Tanyel's face after she was calling him out.

"Also he came for Zara unprovoked when she literally had done nothing when he was debriefing Will post date and was like 'Zara's kicking off' when she hasn't done anything."

Concluding with: "Idk [I don't know] it just feels slimy and that he actually doesn’t care about what Ron was up to and only wants Lana."

Replying to the theory one person said: "Because he wants to get with Lana, the man is disgusting.

"Seriously if Aaron picks before Ron and Spencer tomorrow (February 1) we know for a fact producers hate Lana because that man is the worst on this season."

Another added: "You can tell by his behaviour towards Zara and Tanyel that everything that Courtney [on Love Island Australia] said about him is true. Tanyel saying he's always making aggy comments backs up the allegations that he's horrible off screen too."

While a third replied: "I wish Aaron would say it to Ron face rather than his back but maybe he will get to tonight in the recoupling when he goes before Ron."

Tonight will see the boys pick the girl they want to couple up with… but who will pick first – Aaron or Ron? And if Aaron does, will he pick Lana? Drop your predictions below.

Love Island airs weeknights at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX, with Unseen Bits airing every Saturday


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