Love Island fans fume over Liam’s cocky reason for not telling Millie about his three-way kiss

SHOCKED Love Island fans were left fuming after watching Liam give a cocky reason for not telling Millie about his three-way kiss.

In last night's Mad Movies challenge, the Islanders were shown the Welsh hunk snogging Salma and Clarisse at the same time on his first night in Casa Amor.

The sexy snog happened when the boys let loose with the new girls during a game of Truth or Dare.

Liam got fully involved in the ice-breaker game – appearing to forget about the girl he'd left behind in the villa.

Millie is well aware of Liam's infertilities during his time in Casa Amor, but she didn't know about him snogging two girls at the same time.

Last night she was shown the clip of it happening.

As the clip played out, viewers were left shocked when they heard Liam telling the boys as the boys that "it wasn't for very long", and that "she didn't ask me about it", therefore trying to excuse his behaviour.

One fan ranted: "Liam said Millie didn’t ask him about the 3 way kiss. It is crack! They should continue but she show know know they can’t work on the outside world."

Another said: "Millie not asking if Liam had a three way kiss whilst in casa…. Ha… what’s wrong with you Millie .. that’s a question to ask isn’t it.. not."

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Someone else added: "Liam said Millie didn’t ask about the 3-way kiss. Sir are you THICK?"

Luckily for Liam, Millie didn't get upset, telling the girls: "It doesn't really matter."

The couple have been trying to get back on track after he was unfaithful during his time in Casa Amor.

At first she didn't want to know and Liam was left sleeping in the "dog house".

But slowly they have come back together, and didn't let the kiss set them back again.

  • Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2.

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