Love Island lads’ heights exposed as sexpert shares what it means for bed antics

The Love Island lads have already take the girls' breath away as they entered the villa and ramped up the heat in an already warm climate.

But what is it that gets the girls heartbeats thumping? Their charm, allure… or their height?

For some, height means more than anything else, but is this solely because they like their man to be taller than them, or because bedroom antics can be ramped right up?

Sexpert Isabelle Uren of Bedbible has said that the taller partners have an advantage in the bedroom, particularly when it comes to lifting their partner and standing during sex.

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Though it's not all bad news – those contestants who are closer in height to their female co-stars will be able to achieve the face-to-face positions a lot more easily.

Isabelle has given Daily Star some exclusive tips on how the Love Island lads could be getting down and dirty despite a considerable height difference – but who is affected?

To give readers a true insight, Daily Star has looked into the height of all the contestants.

Ikenna Ekwonna – 6ft 5in

Ikenna Ekwonna is the tallest lad in the villa at a whopping 6ft 5in – and he knows it works for him!

Speaking ahead of his entrance, he said: "Look at my height – I'm six foot five. I don't think there are that many people my height, with my complexion or my looks!"

Speaking to Daily Star, Isabelle said that if the height disparity ever causes an issue, one thing which is beneficial would be a sex swing. She said: "Not only are they extremely fun, but it allows you to adjust the height to match that of the standing partner."

Davide Sanclimenti – 6ft 2in

Davide certainly won the hearts of some of the ladies from the minute he entered the villa – immediately finding himself in a love triangle.

However, it now looks like it's Davide who is in the triangle, and not the one choosing as Ekin-Su has been looking elsewhere.

It does look like Davide has a good chance in the bedroom though, with the Italian hunk confessing he has been involved in some BDSM before – while also revealing he slept with his pal's girlfriend per his request and he has a thing for feet.

Remi Lambert – 6ft 3in

Remi Lambert has been captivating attention left right and centre – both in the villa and at home.

The newbie decided to take Amber, Ekin-Su and Indiyah on a date on his first night, and their couplings failed to hold him back.

The ladies have seemed happy so far to get to know him – but will he manage to worm his way into the middle of their relationships?

Dami Hope – 6ft+

Although Dami's exact height hasn't been revealed, he is at least over 6ft.

And it seems it's working for him as the hunk was labelled the "sexiest man" by his fellow islanders in a recent challenge.

Isabelle noted that height regularly plays a "more obvious role" in attraction.

Andrew Le Page – 6ft 1in

Andrew, who stands at a tall 6ft 1in, is coupled up with Tasha Ghouri in the villa – though fans fail to be convinced by their romance.

The star wanted to give the show a shot because he's "actually single for once" and it was the "best time to give it a go".

Jacques O'Neill – 5ft 11in

Jacques stands at 5ft 11in – around four inches taller than his ex-girlfriend Gemma Owen.

At a closer height, sexpert Isabelle Uren believes this could actually benefit couples in the bedroom.

She said: "While still being taller than the female contestants, at just under 6ft Luca, Jacques and Jay the height difference is less, making face-to-face positions of the classic 69 easier to achieve."

Luca Bish – 5ft 11in

Luca Bish kicked off his time in the villa as a care-free womaniser as he eyed-up Paige Thorne, Tasha Ghouri and Gemma Owen.

However, since coupling up with Gemma Owen he's been a one-woman man, which doesn't seem to be flying with her.

But can he bring it back, or is it the end of Gemma and Luca?

Jay Younger – 5ft 11in

Jay has certainly come in to shake things up – and his height definitely isn't playing against him as he's up against Davide to win over the stunning Ekin-Su.

It was revealed on Thursday night that the pair had been sneaking off to have private smooches – but will that come to fruition, or can Davide win over Ekin-Su?

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