Love Island rules and guidelines: What is the reason for Sherif Lanre’s departure? What rule did he break? What are the show’s guidelines?

Today, it was announced that Love Island 2019 contestant Sherif Lanre has been kicked out of the villa for breaking the rules of the show.

Despite issuing a statement apologising to fans, the reason for the 20 year old’s departure has not yet been revealed.

Of course, fans have been speculating on social media, with one of the strongest rumours – which Scott Mills is believed to have said on his BBC Radio One show – is that Sherif was caught using his phone in order to contact the outside world.

However, another Twitter user joked: “Banter is #sherif got booted off #Loveisland2019 for p**sing in the pool [sic] "

Rumours aside, we have rounded up all the reported Love Island rules and guidelines apparently issued by the show – which contestants must obey at all times.

From inappropriate language and masturbation, to getting drunk and obeying the handbook – the Islanders are at risk of being axed from the ITV2 show if any of these rules are broken.

No books, magazines or phones

The contestants are provided with a phone by ITV2, but they are not allowed to take their personal phones in – as they can't have any contact with the outside world.

On top of this, they’re allowed no reading materials – including books or magazines.

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No nudity

Despite the revealing nature of the contestant’s outfits, being totally naked is completely forbidden – as there are cameras all over the villa and nowhere is private.

No getting drunk

Contestants are only allowed to consume two drinks per night, and are not allowed to have sex with other islanders while they are under the influence.

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No masturbation

Solo sex acts are no permitted inside the villa, as again, there are cameras everywhere.

Sex with another contestant is however allowed, if they’re not drunk and condoms are used at all times.

Respect staff and producers

Understandably, if islanders are not respectful to staff and producers, they can risk losing their place on the show.

On top of this, they must keep their mic on at all times – even during private conversations.

Obey the Love Island handbook

Love Island stars are all issued with a handbook detailing the show’s rules.

They are encouraged to keep this on them at all times so they know they their behaviour is always in-line with the guidelines.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 every week night.

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