Love Island stars tattoos revealed – from Hugo's bizarre bum message to Toby's X-rated ink, Liam's heroes & AJ's compass

LOVE Island has just welcomed a tattooed new arrival to the villa – Andrea-Jane Bunker, known as AJ.

With a swallow right at the top of her leg and a compass on her thigh, she's just one of this year's stars to have eleborate inkings.

Here, we take a look at some of the others – from Jake Cornish's World War scene to the bizarre text Hugo Hammond has etched on his bum.

Plus, the odd treat that's ended up on Liam Reardon's buttocks. Ink-redibe, really…


Welsh roofer Liam Reardon has all sorts on his body – including two very unusual tattoos for a lad of 21.

He has portraits of last-century legends Muhammed Ali and Frank Sinatra on his legs – and is hoping to get crooner Sir Tom Jones on there too.

Liam also has the phrase: "Don't count the days, make the days count" on his right arm.

He also has a star on his back, a bird on his arm (steady) and a string of roman numerals spelling out what appears to be his birthday in 1999 on his chest.

And – last and most certainly least – he has an inking of a cookie on his bum, though it has only been glimpsed while Millie Court was giving him a massage.


Teacher Hugo Hammond surprised everyone when he revealed he has a tattoo on his bum – and even more bizarrely, it appears to read "CBBC".

Fans got the briefest of looks at it during the James Bond stripping challenge – and it even puzzled two now-axed Islanders.

Rachel said to Brad: "He's got CBBC on his bum hasn't he?" leaving the labourer laughing: "No! CBBC. What, as in the kids programme?"

She replied: "I swear that's what it says." If you're angling for a job there, Hugo, that's not how you go about it.


Unlike Sharon Gaffka herself, the Islander has a few subtle tattoos, including one just below her left wrist.

The 25-year-old civil servant also has sprigs of flowers on her left side which can sometimes be seen poking around the side of her bikini.

An enigmatic collection. Gaffka-esque, you might say.


Undisputed Love Island king of the tats this year is Jake, who is decorated with an range of elaborate inkings.

The most eye-catching by some distance is his World War One-themed back tattoo showing three children pointing at some Spitfire planes.

Standing in a field of poppies – a symbol of remembrance, they're shown looking up at the sky.

But he's not done yet – writing on Instagram before going into the villa: "Got some tanks going there yet.”


Toby Aromolaran has provided no evidence for this, so we'll have to take his word for it.

However, the footballer claims to have a tattoo reading: "This way is down" by his penis.

Pointing towards his nether regions during a clip at the weekend, Toby told Brad and Rachel in the Unseen Bits show: "You know on my pube line? 'This way down.'"

Rachel yelled: "Is it really? Prove it! I don't want to see your pube line, just show it."

However, he didn't oblige so we're just going to have to wait for that particular delight.

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AJ Bunker

New arrival AJ Bunker is the only one who can really rival the boys for tattoos, sporting one riiiiight at the top of her leg and another on her thigh.

There is also what looks like a massive diamond down the left side of her body.

Like Liam she has what looks like a swallow as well as a mighty compass surrounded by roses and the letters P and T.

Nobody has yet deciphered that particular riddle but given the Islanders hang around in skimpy swimwear all day long, we suspect it won't be long till it comes up.

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