Love Island viewers call dumping a ‘fix’ as Lucie Donlan escapes the axe again

Love Island viewers have branded last night's dumping a "fix" as single Lucie Donlan escaped the axe again.

Last night, host Caroline Flack shocked the Islanders by entering the villa and delivering the bombshell news

She revealed that Michael and Amber, Anton and Lucie and Molly-Mae and Tommy had been voted the top three couples.

This meant that they were safe, however the girls then had to vote to dump one of the male Islanders, while the safe boys had to dump the one of the girls.

In a surprising turn, the girls chose to dump Tom, while the boys chose to dump Arabella.

However, many viewers were surprised by the face that Lucie had managed to avoid being cut even though she's been single since Joe Garratt left.

Many fans flocked to Twitter to debate how she'd been kept in again – and they speculated it's because producers are lining up a man for her in Casa Amor.

One wrote: "I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who feels a massive fix in the voting on lovelsland.

"My guess is because the producers have lined up potential suitors for Lucie & Anton in Casa Amor, them leaving would have cocked things up!"

However, another speculated Lucie has been kept in so she can steal Tommy from Molly-Mae.

They wrote: "I think it's a fix & they kept lucie in to try steal tommy & anton, in the hope he will shave his arse on tv."

Another even suggested Joe might be making a surprise comeback.

They tweeted: "If it’s true Joe is coming back to the villa it’s probably a fix Anton and Lucie work because Joe is obviously going to see Lucie LoveIsland I did vote Anton and Lucie."

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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