Love Island: Viewers left in stitches as Curtis’ mum checks out Maura’s racy bum tattoo

Love Island viewers were left in stitches after they caught the moment Curtis’ mum discovered Maura’s racy tattoo.

The Irish beauty met her beau’s mum, Debi, and dad, Adrian, for the first time, and seemed to make a good impression.

But as they were saying goodbye, viewers noticed Curtis’ mum pointing to Maura’s bum as she sported a bikini.

Clearly pointing to Maura’s lipstick kiss tattoo on her bum check, Debi nudges Curtis as they discuss the inking.

Amused viewers took to Twitter, with one writing: “LOL @ Curtis’ mum pointing out the kiss tattoo on Maura’s bum.”

A second added: “Did Curtis’ mum really point out Maura’s bum tattoo?!”

It comes after viewers speculated that Maura’s mum disliked Curtis after they met for the first time.

When Maura asked her “Mammi” what she thinks of Curtis, she sighed and the only compliment she seemed to muster was “he’s nice”.

The model’s mum then added: “I’m trusting your judgement. I know you’re not a bad judge of character and there's obviously something you see in him.

"I’ve never ever turned around and said to you ‘I don’t trust your judgement,’ I do, you know that.

"And, if you’re happy, I’m happy. You do what’s best for you at the end of the day and I know if there’s something not right you will act on it.

“And if you’re happy with how everything’s going you’ll continue on.”

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