Love Island viewers threaten to switch off 2019 series over ‘unbearable’ phrase

Love Island 2019 islander Lucie Donlan has left viewers seriously irate with her repeated use of the word “bev” or “bevy”.

So much so, viewers are threatening to “switch off” the ITV2 dating series, unable to handle it anymore.

Just two episodes into the new series, Lucie has continued to use the term she claims describes a person or something that is deemed sexy or hot.

From the boys in the villa to even her PJs, the surfer has said the phrase non-stop, with fans begging her to stop.

The show has formed several phrases over the years including “loyal”, “my type on paper” and “doing bits society”.

But this latest phrase is not winning over viewers, and they were begging the islanders to not let it happen.

Taking to Twitter just halfway through the second episode, viewers confessed they were ready to switch the show off entirely if she did not stop.

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One viewer said: “The word bevvy will make me switch off Love Island I can feel it in my bones.”

Another agreed: “I’m sorry but that word “bevy” is gonna make me wanna throw something at my TV.”

A third added: “If they keep on trying to make #bev happen – I will stop watching!!!!!”

This was echoed by another fan who commented: “IF I HEAR ANY SORT OF BEV. BEVY , BEVISH ANYMORE I’LL SWITCH.”

Sherif Lanre unexpectedly formed another catchphrase of sorts, when he repeatedly told his fellow islanders: “It is what it is.”

Viewers were loving it, certainly more than they were enjoying “bevy”.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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