Love Island’s Anna thinks Millie and Liam could still win despite Lillie betryal

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Hey Guys,

Welcome Back!

Well – what an episode it was last night hey? Did you see that save coming? I didn't expect them to save Tyler if I’m honest – I through it would be Hugo. But then again, his time in the villa has surely come to an end after so many failed attempts.

Bless him, I just don’t know what he was looking for – maybe he’ll find her on the outside hey?

Did anyone clock Amy’s face on the interview afterwards through? I don’t think she liked being referred to as one of Hugo’s tragic love stories in the villa. Poor Amy – If that facial expression isn’t a meme this weekend I’ll eat my bikini.

Saving Tyler was clearly just for Kaz too – which to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about this. What happens if his head turns again?

I guess time will tell. One thing’s for sure Matthew is 100% not an option anymore – I think that might have been the quickest dumping in history.

To be fair to him through, he stuck to his guns and you’ve got to respect him for that. I’d love for him and Abi to get together but like she said – she’s waiting for a bombshell to come in and sweep her off her feet!

Well well well, Liam has made his way back into Millie’s bed! Personally, I absolutely adore Millie – I think the way she has dealt with the entire Lillie situation from beginning to end has just been pure class – I don’t know if I could have kept my cool like she did.

She’s made him work for it through hasn’t she – not even a kiss on the lips yet! I do hope he’s learned his lesson now because he’s not going to find anyone better than her. Could they be in the running to win? I think they could you know!

What’s happened with Teddy and Faye guys?! Am I missing something? I love these pair and it's so sad to watch seeing Faye constantly doubt herself.

She’s an absolute queen but you can tell she’s been hurt in the past which is way I think she’s all of a sudden acting out. I wish she could see what we all see.

She says they’re total opposites but I think that’s good in this case – he balances her insecurity out & brings her back to earth I think.

I’ll come back to Teddy and Faye shortly when we discuss THAT movie night. But for now..

I’m REALLY liking Mary – I’m so glad the villa saved her and now she can get to know Dale – and well played to Abi too for stepping aside. I absolutely died watching the recoupling but the way she dealt with it afterwards – what a girl!

Chloe and Toby are back together and I honestly have mixed feelings about this – he’s like a cat with nine lives!

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I’ll level with you – I absolutely LOVE Chloe and she’s really grown on me from the beginning of the series.

She handled herself so well after being mugged off MULTIPLE times – there's clearly a spark there between them so I get why they want to explore it, and so far it's plain sailing. BUT, I’m still panicking in the back of my mind that Toby will decide to split again.

Let’s be honest through guys, he’d be an absolute FOOL to leave Chloe again wouldn’t he?

Ok, so – let’s all talk about the elephant in the room – MOVIE NIGHT. If you were waiting for a bit of drama from this year’s season I think we’re about to see it. The producers really dropped a bomb in there with those videos didn't they!

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From the moment we saw Jake appear on the screen I just wanted to give Liberty a hug because you just knew it was going to be about her.

As the clip went on, I just wanted to curl up in a corner and die! No girl wants to hear or be made to feel like their boyfriend doesn’t fancy them or find them attractive – even if it was two days in or whatever.

You just know she’s going to go to bed dwelling on that – because that’s what we do hey girls?

I just hope he can reassure her so her confidence doesn’t drop. She’s a babe and he’s lucky to have her! I think they’ll get through it – he might just need to take some lessons from Liam in grovelling.

Faye and Teddy however – WOAH! That video has definitely sparked a bit of drama hasn’t it?! If the video of her snuggling up with Sam wasn’t enough, her reaction afterwards was a bit off.

I did feel really sorry for Teddy to be honest. Faye was sat there laughing with the girls whereas you could see Teddy was genuinely upset. But again, I think Faye was acting up to hide the fact she was probably super embarrassed by the whole thing.

They’ve only just got back on track and now this could throw it all upside down again.

There really is nothing like a bit of drama to turn the whole house upside down is there?!

One thing’s for sure – I definitely wouldn’t be in a rush to go to Movie Night in the Love Island Villa right now!

I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode – it looks like it's going to be a fiery one!


Anna x

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVHub at 9pm

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