Love Island’s Anton’s mum reveals details of his bum shaving in candid interview

We perhaps didn't need the finer details of Love Island star Anton Danyluk's bum-shaving antics.

But his hilarious mum has filled fans in anyway – and has launched herself on the way to Instagram stardom in the process.

Razor-sharp Sherie Ann Danyluk has already revealed that she does the deed herself – but naturally she can't just leave it there when the subject crops up.

Viewers just can't get enough and already her Insta page, delightfully named 'Anton’s Mum who shaves his bum', has more than 10,000 followers.

Now, speaking to STV, she has expanded on the weird family passtime.

"I didn’t think anything of it," Sherie Ann said. "I just didn’t think it would have been such a big deal.

"What’s wrong with shavin' my boy’s bum?

"I’ll say to him: go and have a bath son and he goes in and he’ll have a bath and he’ll come out and I’ll just shave his bum. That hair – you could put rollers in that hair!

"I’ve been called a helicopter mother, I’m one of those mothers that when I see him going off the rail, I fly down and pick him back up.

"Now he’s at an age and stage, that I’ve got to let him go and be a man and do the things he wants to do now because Anton’s all about helping people.

"In the villa every morning he’s training everybody. He spends three hours of his day just making sure that everybody does their training.

"He naturally loves to see people doing the best they can do. And being the best that they can be."

Anton's mum said he would have given him what for if shev was in the villa when he kissed Anna Vakili in front of Belle Hassan.

She said: "I felt, wow Anton, out of order when he kissed Anna. It wasn’t kissing Anna, because I believe the two of them are really, really close.

"It was when he turned around and said that she was the best kisser.

"I don’t think he actually realised what he was saying and I’ll tell you Belle, she handled him well."

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