Love Island’s Curtis claims he’s never failed to give a woman an orgasm

Love Island 2019 viewers confessed they were a little “uncomfortable” with Curtis Pritchard’s constant sexual remarks on the show on Tuesday, including a claim about his penis size to partner Amy Hart.

To be fair to Curtis he was taking part in a sex related task with his fellow islanders including Tommy Fury, Maura Higgins and Molly-Mae Hague.

Each couple, who were on one of two teams, had to burst a balloon placed between their bodies.

The team who burst all three balloons the quickest were then asked a sexual question, and they had to give the correct statistics.

From penis sizes to orgasms, the quiz covered a whole range of sexual queries, and Curtis appeared to be enjoying it.

Viewers were left cringing after one moment, that saw Curtis hint he was within the 15 percent of men who had a penis size bigger than seven inches.

The islanders were stunned to learn such a small percentage of men belonged to the group, and Curtis was quick to suggest he was part of it.

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Speaking in the Beach Hut with Amy, Curtis said: “I’m not going to reveal if I’m in or not on that,” before raising his eyebrows and looking at Amy suggestively.

Viewers took to Twitter over the “vomit-inducing” moment, as others were left further stunned by his claim he’s never failed to give a woman an orgasm.

Amber Gill was quick to put Curtis down, admitting women “fake it” telling him: “You don't know if you've failed or haven't failed, sorry.”

A red-faced Curtis called the Geordie babe “savage”, while fans were feeling a little awkward when he told Amy she wouldn’t need to fake it.

He told her as she joked she’d let him know: “She won’t need to,” before raising his eyebrows at the camera again.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Really wish Curtis would stop those looks into the camera during the sex chat. I’m uncomfortable.”

Another agreed: “I'm gonna vomit if Curtis doesn't stop talking about sex,” while a third said: “Curtis you are nowhere near the 15% relax.”

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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