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LOVE Island viewers will get to watch the last couples standing go on their romantic dates tonight before the big final next week. 

Known for their extravagant settings and grand locations the dates are one of the major highlights of every series. 

This season of Love Island looks set to be no exception as a glimpse of three of the couples’ outings show producers have pulled out all the stops for fairytale endings.

Ron, 25, and Lana, 25, appear to prove their love is heaven-sent as they walk on water to enjoy a breakfast together before being serenaded by a South African choir.

After a tumultuous time in the villa, Lana and Ron toast their “first and final” date, before Ron tells Lana that his mum will “adore” her. 

Talking about their journey, Lana tells Ron: “It’s like overwhelming joy, I’m just buzzing that we’ve had this journey together and we are here now, I’ve loved every second.”


Love Island winners ‘revealed’ – just days before the final

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The next date to be revealed is Samie, 22, and Tom’s picturesque outing, with the semi-professional footballer getting to drive a Ferrari to a private mountainside restaurant. 

Getting misty-eyed, Tom tells Samie: “This feels like a dream doesn’t it?”

Dressed in a white shirt and cream chinos, the 22-year-old helped his girlfriend out of the car before telling her there wasn’t another girl he would rather be with. 

Waiting for the evening to party under the stars, Shaq, 24, and Tanya, 23, get to mark their time together in an intimate garden setting surrounded by flowers and fairy lights. 

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Love Island winners 'revealed' – just days before the final

Calling the date a “fairytale” and “amazing,” the loved-up couple can barely take their eyes off each other as they clink glasses and toast to the future.

Gazing at his partner, Shaq tells Tanya: “With you I’ve found the one, I don’t want anyone else.”

While enjoying their dates the final couples will also have to make a huge decision about which duo is the least compatible before sending them packing.

Along with Lana and Ron, Shaq and Tanya, and Tom and Samie, there are also couples Jessie Wynter and Will Young, and Sanam Harrinanan and Kai Fagan.


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