Love Island's Shaughna shows off the results of her liposuction operation in an orange bikini in Dubai

LOVE Island's Shaughna Phillips showed off the results of her liposuction operation in an orange bikini in Dubai.

The pretty reality TV star smiled as she posed on a balcony in the striking two-piece swimwear after having fat removed from her legs.

Shaughna, 26, flashed a sweet smile and captioned the shot on Instagram: "Got a little lion in me & I ain't ever taming it."

She suffers from the rare condition lipoedema and had liposuction to remove a build-up of fat cells last year.

The former Love Islander had faced years of cruel bullying over the size of her legs, which left her feeling self-conscious and insecure.

But after her stint in the famous villa in January, Shaughna was told she was suffering from lipoedema — an abnormal accumulation of fat in the legs.

She had two litres of fat drained from her calves and said it helped her get her confidence back.

Shaughna previously said of her battle with lipoedema in an interview with The Sun: “My legs had been my biggest body hang up since I can remember.

“It has been the one thing I have always said I would want to change about myself.”

Shaughna, who worked for Lambeth Council in London before finding fame on the ITV2 dating show, continued: “I’d be going to the gym six times a week, and even though I got down to 9st 6lb and a size six on the top half, my legs would stay at a size 14.

“I was killing myself doing these workouts."

The brave reality star, who now boasts 1.5million followers on social media, was left with blood running down her legs during Full Monty rehearsals, which took place just five days after her liposuction procedure in September.

She recalled: “There was blood pouring down my laces.

“I was in so much pain. But there was no way I wasn’t going to do it.

“Plus I’m an Aries — it’s not in our blood to quit.”

As for the trolls who mocked her “cankles”, Shaughna refused to let them get to her.

“Yes, I have had liposuction on my lower legs. It’s something that I have been suffering with physically and mentally my whole life and it has now been sorted.

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