'LPBW': Caryn Chandler Said She's Happy Her Romance With Matt Roloff 'Moves at a Snail's Pace'

There’s a lot going on between Matt and Amy Roloff on season 21 of Little People, Big World. So far, Amy’s moving off Roloff Farms and into her new home. And Matt has big plans for what’s next with the farm and his relationship with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

While Matt’s mentioned marriage in the past, it seems Caryn’s happy to take their relationship one day at a time. Here’s what she said about moving at a “snail’s pace.”

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler from ‘Little People, Big World’ have been dating for years

There’s quite a lot of controversy when it comes to Caryn. While Matt and Caryn have been together for years after Matt’s divorce from Amy, Caryn knew Amy thanks to her years of working on Roloff Farms. And Amy alluded in her memoir, A Little Me, that Matt and Caryn were speaking in a way that made her uncomfortable prior to her divorce.

“I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people,” Amy wrote about Matt and a Roloff Farms manager (presumed to be Caryn). “I was devastated.”

In the past, Amy’s also talked about the discomfort she feels around Caryn when they’re at events together. “Caryn is an employee, and is in a personal relationship with my ex-husband, and so it is still hard to invite Caryn to some of the family events,” Amy once explained on the show. “I’d rather just minimize the personal interaction. It’s not healthy for me.”

Caryn told Matt she likes that their romance moves ‘at a snail’s pace’

Over the years, it seems Caryn and Amy have gotten quite used to each other. And it’s clear Caryn’s here for the long haul, as she remains a regular on LPBW and helps Matt with all of his future plans for Roloff Farms. It doesn’t look like the couple’s rushing down the aisle, though. And Caryn even told Matt she’s happy their relationship is moving very slowly.

In Season 21 Episode 5, Caryn and Matt talked about living together in their home in Arizona. Caryn stated she loved having “down time” with Matt in the warmer state. And she then explained to the cameras that Roloff Farms will never truly be her home.

“I love the farm. I’ve always loved the farm,” Caryn said. “But it’s Matt’s farm and Amy’s farm, and so I think the fact that Arizona’s really our house and we decorate it together … that’s enough for us for now. That feels good.”

Caryn then tells Matt directly, “I still think it’s very healthy that we have chosen to have our relationship move at a snail’s pace.”

Caryn isn’t rushing into living with Matt full time, either

Matt and Caryn certainly enjoy spending time together. But aside from their second home in Arizona, it seems Caryn’s holding off on moving in with Matt full-time. On a previous episode of LPBW, Matt mentioned he’s working on building a new house on Roloff Farms property. And Caryn said she’s not rushing to move into the place once it’s built.

“Matt’s definitely not building a house for the two of us,” Caryn explained. “I’ve always loved the farm, but it’s Matt’s farm, it’s Amy’s farm, and so I kind of want to let all that stuff fall where it needs to be on its own. I’m just focusing still on some of my own stuff that I still want to accomplish in my life.”

We’re sure Matt and Caryn will eventually live together permanently. But they’re taking their time and enjoying every moment as it comes!

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