Lucifer season 5b theories: Massive finale clue ‘reveals’ Lucifer doesn’t love Chloe

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In the last moments of Lucifer season five’s midseason finale, Lucifer and Chloe’s heartfelt moment is interrupted by Amenadiel’s terrible timing. Following a number of huge reveals for the Netflix show, viewers have been asking a crucial question: does Lucifer really love Chloe?


Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) was able to temporarily escape his imprisonment in the underworld for a fleeting visit with Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

‘Deckerstar’ was finally made official in the first half of season five, but their epic romance came under threat from the arrival of Lucifer’s evil twin brother, Michael.

In season four, Lucifer fulfilled the prophecy of Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) by unleashing evil after finding his ‘first love’, Chloe.

However, their long-awaited romance still hit a few hurdles in the latest season.

During a pivotal moment in the midseason finale, Chloe finally confronts Lucifer about his reluctance to use the ‘L word’.

Although it appears Lucifer is finally about to tell Chloe he loves her, their heart-to-heart is interrupted when Amenadiel (DB Woodside) arrives with some major concerns about his son, Charlie.

Their touching moment was made all the more genuine when Lucifer called Chloe by her real name for almost the first time in the series.

Given Lucifer is notorious for his inability to tell a lie, fans can assume any declaration of love would be 100% genuine.

Unfortunately, the first half of the latest season left viewers on tenterhooks and it’s still uncertain if Lucifer genuinely reciprocates Chloe’s strong feelings.

Presumably, their intimate conversation will continue when the series returns with the highly anticipated second half of season five at an unknown date.

Their conversation almost came to a romantic crescendo, but Lucifer’s declaration was interrupted by Amenadiel’s time-stopping ability, as well as the arrival of newcomer God (Dennis Haysbert).

On the other hand, some fans have considered the possibility that the next words out of Lucifer’s mouth weren’t going to be “I love you” at all.

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Lucifer has certainly warmed to his new mortal companions since arriving on Earth, but he’s still not completely human.

As a fallen angel who has already spent millennia in Hell, it could be possible that Lucifer has lost the ability to feel real love.

Moreover, there could be a much simpler explanation and Lucifer simply needs more time to assess his feelings for his detective partner.

Even though Lucifer and Chloe enjoyed a few nights of passion together, they’re still not entirely sure if they’re meant to stay together forever.

Throw in the classic dilemma of Lucifer’s immortality against Chloe’s shorter human lifespan and the devil may not be so willing to confess his feelings quite so soon as the detective.

Either way, the tantalising cliffhanger has given plenty of fans to chew on and will undoubtedly spark fierce debates between fans during the hiatus between new episodes.

Netflix has confirmed Lucifer will continue for a sixth and final season, so ‘Lucifans’ are hopeful Deckerstar’s burgeoning romance will last up until their heartwarming happy ending.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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