‘Mad About You’: Helen Hunt Confident Of Reboot But “Resigned From Handicapping When”

Helen Hunt is confident that a reboot of classic 1990s comedy Mad About You will happen but told Deadline she’s “resigned from handicapping when.”

This comes six months after her co-star Paul Reiser, who created the NBC comedy with Danny Jacobson, claimed he was not optimistic about the revival’s chances.

Hunt said that there had been “zero” developments since 2018, when the project looked to be picking up steam. Sony Pictures Television had tapped top comedy showrunner Peter Tolan to write and showrun the revival, and Hunt and Reiser were closing deals to reprise their roles.

She said, “We’re right where we were. It’s not not going to happen and it’s not set. The news is that nothing has moved in one year. It’s a little bit frustrating. I am rooting for it. I sort of think it will [happen], but I’m sort of resigned from handicapping when or if. We would like it to happen if it can.”

The new installment would pick up 20 years after we last see Paul, played by Reiser, and Jamie, played by Hunt, with the couple navigating their marriage, going through the trials of middle age and dealing with their unpredictable, hard-to-control daughter Mabel.

The sitcom ran between 1992-1999 and won multiple Emmy and Golden Globes.

“We signed up, and then it’s gotten stuck in the business end of it,” Reiser told the Tampa Bay Times in July 2018. “It’s like, ‘You know, guys, I was very happy not doing it for 20 years, and then you invited us back. And now if you can’t make it happen, it’s not a big deal.’ Things happen, they don’t happen. There’s so many moving parts when you’re working with a studio or broadcaster.”

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