Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing and Alex Mytton on their most cringeworthy moments on the show

Spencer Matthews getting slapped in the face by Millie Mackintosh and Lucy Watson uttering the immortal line about everyone getting up in her grill are just a few of the mortifying moments from Made in Chelsea over the years.

MiC’s Jamie Laing and Alex Mytton have shared their most cringeworthy moments with us – there’s bound to be a few – and we can only sympathise.

“When you kiss on camera.. It’s the worst,” Jamie told Digital Spy. “They [producers] tell you to kiss. I look terrible when I kiss. [And not so great “climbing on top” either apparently, but that’s all in the past now].

Mytton continued: “The kisses are real in some sense, but if you’re not that familiar with someone and if it’s your first date or whatever…. I remembered when I first kissed Lucy Watson we couldn’t do it because we were stood quite far apart and I couldn’t make the lunge in, so we had to go around the corner and have a little practice.”


Meanwhile, the boys wouldn’t reveal who out of Miles Nazaire and Harry Baron was more of a snake as they continue to lock horns on the series, although Jamie insisted that Miles “is very sweet actually”.

He also let slip that not many of the cast know him properly because he was scouted in a shop on the King’s Road.

“Miles is a weird one because no one really knew him,” Mytton explained. “He was working on the King’s Road… They never get scouted, but Miles did. Normally it’s friends of friends.”

In last week’s episode Miles just got with Liv Bentley, and it hasn’t gone down well with his boys because he’s supposed to be best friends with Liv’s ex Digby Edgley.

But Mytton joked that Digby seems to love being treated badly by Liv, while Jamie added that the cast were really bored of their on/off relationship.

“I think it’s one of those things that will keep bubbling,” Mytton continued. “I think Digby weirdly likes being treated like s**t.That word, sadist… “

We think he’s about to enter a whole new world of pain…

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