MAFS Australia season 8: Moment expert knew Cam and Coco were going to have affair

Married At First Sight UK: E4 release trailer for new series

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Married at First Sight Australia series eight first aired Down Under earlier this year for Aussie fans to enjoy. But the show was given a second revival as it made its way to the UK on E4 earlier this month. This meant that even more viewers could revel in the love square between Cameron Dunne, Coco Stedman and their spouses.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS Australia.

From the get-go, it seemed that the experts had wrongly matched two of its couples.

Cameron Dunne was a commitment-phobe and learning that his new bride Samantha Harvey already had children instantly put him off.

Then there was Coco Stedman and Sam Carraro weren’t right for each other either as he admitted straight away that she wasn’t physically his type.

These mismatched pairings went on to lead to Cam and Coco instead starting to spend more time together.

While initially this could have been seen as fairly innocent, Match’s dating and body language expert Hayley Quinn explained to when she knew Cam and Coco had been up to no good.

Quinn commented: “People go on shows like MAFS with huge expectations to find ‘the one’.

“For both Coco and Cam, these weren’t met in their original matches.

“Coco and husband Sam were mismatched from day one, leaving her in a place where she craved attention.

“On the other hand, Cam’s fear of commitment was stirred by learning wife Samantha has kids, where he then created distance with Samantha by being emotionally cool.

“We then saw him divert his attention to Coco.”

Quinn continued: “However, things really heated up at the final dinner party when everyone noticed that Cameron “lights up” whenever Coco is around.

“After being called out on their flirtation, Cam blushed and shook his head but couldn’t take his eyes off Coco. Full of embarrassment, Coco couldn’t return his gaze as she held her head in her hands.

“These early signs of being bashful around one another indicated that their so far ‘friendly’ meetings had boiled over into something more romantic.”

But despite the obvious chemistry in the show, Cam and Coco didn’t get their happy ending.

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Following a major bust-up on the show, both couples decided to call it quits on their marriages.

They all walked away from the show, ready to move on from their spouses.

But it appeared that Cam and Coco were going to carry on getting to know one another in the outside world.

Sadly, this didn’t come to any fruition as they soon parted ways once they had left the experiment.

Speaking to 9 Entertainment about how it ended, Cam said: “There was a conversation to see if we could come back to the experiment together, but it just wasn’t the case.

“What made it hard to pursue that afterwards was that we were right in the midst of Covid and in different states.

“I was going to Queensland and she was staying in Sydney.”

Married at First Sight Australia season 8 is currently airing on E4.

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