Manifest season 4 release: Series given huge boost as Netflix and NBC eye revival

Manifest: NBC releases trailer for third season

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After over a month of non-stop campaigning on Twitter, fans of the NBC supernatural drama may have just convinced networks to revive Manifest. After being cancelled in June, the movement was spearheaded by the show’s creator Jeff Rake using the hashtag #savemanifest and boosted by its loyal viewers.

Manifest first hit screens in 2018 after being picked up by NBC and gained a ton of fans across the world.

However, by season three, the streaming platform made the decision to axe the show after they noticed a steady decline in viewership.

With this news, showrunner Jeff Rake took to Twitter to encourage fans to share the hashtag #savemanfest in an effort to give fan closure after season three ended on a cliffhanger.

This proved to be a major success because the series reappeared on Netflix’s top 10 list and was named the most-streamed show a week after its cancellation.

A month after Manifest was axed, Netflix decided against picking up the show for a new instalment, despite its other seasons being available on the platform.

According to Deadline, NBC is in talks with production studio Warner Bros about a potential renewal.

The Warner studios are also in conversation with Netflix as they hunt for a streaming platform to air season four.

This came after fans proved that Manifest was a show worth saving, with the viewership of seasons one and two continuing to surge.

The whispers about a possible U-turn from the networks came after a fan page noticed that NBC had revised their timetable.

A Law and Order spin-off was the show put in place to replace Manifest. However, an eagle-eyed viewer spotted that the crime series had been cancelled.

Deadline also reported that Netflix was motivated to revive the series after it remained in its top 10 positions for over a month.

With the adjustments in NBC’s calendar, there is speculation that the platform has freed up funds for the budget and the new hole in its schedule is for Manifest.

Manifest followed the lives of the crew and passengers onboard Flight 838 after it disappeared en route to New York from Montego Bay.

It was only after the plane landed that they learned they had been missing for five years, with their loved ones assuming they had died on the journey.

After many interrogations, the pilot captain Daly maintained his innocence and even stole a plane to prove it.

To everyone’s surprise, there was no sign of him when the National Guard shot the plane down and in a major turn of events, Daly reappeared in the season finale after being away for most of the series.

It’s very possible that NBC could revive Manifest as they have previously picked up cancelled shows.

This was the case with Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2018, after the procedural series was axed by Fox, fans were very vocal and persuaded NBC to pick it up after 24 hours

A number of the cast members including Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, J.R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur and Matt Long have engaged in the viral hashtag and also expressed their willingness to return to the show.

Hopefully, fans will soon tweet with glee after Manifest is picked up again for season four, so they can finally find out where Daly disappeared to

All episodes of Manifest are available to stream on NBC

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