Mariah Carey pictured trying on wedding dresses as she cosies up to then-fiance James Packer before new boyfriend Bryan Tanaka has his heart broken by singer in new scenes from her reality show

MARIAH Carey previously left her current boyfriend Bryan Tanaka broken-hearted when he was forced to watch her trying on wedding dresses and cosying up to her ex James Packer before they started dating.

In a new episode of Mariah's World, the scenes – filmed months ago – shows the singer in the midst of her former relationship with James, unaware of Bryan's feelings for her at the time.

Pictures show him left upset after revealing he's falling for "The Queen", before seeing James turn up at her vodka launch in Paris and planting a kiss on her.

"Seeing Mariah and James all touchy feely… It doesn't seem real, but seeing it in real life, I guess it's real," he said to the camera.

"It's a big reality check, took a lot of air out of my balloon, it just sucks,' he said mournfully."

Speaking to his fellow dancer G Madison, he added: "I was trippin' man, remember how I told you I was feeling a certain way about The Queen?

"I was feeling like there was something there, then James came into town, he's never really around, I've never seen them together really."

He went on: "It looks like she's really happy, and I want her to be happy you know?' he said sweetly.

"She's amazing…but I've been living in this fantasy…I feel like I made a big mistake,' he added cradling his head in his hands."
Mariah's team caught on to how Bryan felt about the singer during the episode, before he said: "Mariah's the type of woman that I see myself with, the amount of time that we spend together, it just feels like we're getting closer and closer."

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Bryan had to watch the romance play out before he had his chanceCredit: Xposure
Mariah thanked then-fiance James for his supportCredit: Xposure

Meanwhile, the star was seen trying on wedding dresses with her daughter Monroe, while Bryan later said: "Seeing in Mariah in that dress, it's definitely a wake-up call, I'm like 'oh yeah wedding'."

Later in the show, Mariah struggled to contain her emotions as she heard of legendary musician Prince's death.

As James joined her later in the night, she told him: "I was such a mess today…I really feel that you're amazing for coming."

She later whispered that she would have dedicated her hit Hero to him, if the news hadn't broken.

Mariah has since broken off her engagement to James, and has been seen on a series of dates with Bryan in recent weeks.

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