Mark Wright feared dad would die every day for two weeks as he battled coronavirus in hospital as he makes plea to fans

MARK Wright feared his dad would die every day for two weeks as he battled coronavirus in hospital as he makes an emotional plea to fans.

The former Towie star, 33, begged listeners to his Heart radio show to follow the rules to get life back to normal.

Mark opened up about how the virus has struck his family – with his dad having just left the hospital after testing positive on New Year's Day and his two uncles seriously ill.

Speaking on his Heart Radio evening show, the footballer said: "I want my life back. I want my family to be well again. I don’t want my family to have to worry anymore. I don’t want you to worry anymore.

"If you want to get your life back, the only way this will happen is if we obey by the government rules.

"Now last time when this happened, last year’s lockdown, I saw such a difference. Everybody was sticking to the rules so much better than it feels this time and it’s coming back to bite us, harder, faster and tougher.

"Do you want to see your family members go through what I’m seeing right now?

"I understand if it hasn’t affected your family like it has affected mine, bloodlines are different, I don’t know the science of it, but what I do know is that my father, my dad was suffering in hospital and we worried for his life for two weeks, he’s now home, he’s not completely better, he knows that and we know it.

"My other uncle, his brother, is in hospital right now, receiving oxygen, and their other brother, my uncle Eddie who I love dearly is currently in a coma in the ICU.

"Now I’m trying not to be too dark but I’m trying to give you a personal from me, because I am seeing first hand, and I know if you haven’t seen it and you haven’t felt it the way I have, I understand it’s hard to believe it.

"It’s easy to sit and think, 'you know what, it’s just for people that have got real underlying health issues, they were going to die of something anyway.'

"That’s not the case. A) that shouldn’t be a good excuse anyway because they don’t deserve to take this badly just because they’ve got an underlying health condition. And b) it’s not just that. My dad is a healthy man, so are my uncles.

"So look, I want to move on from this subject, but I just wanted to clear it up because it’s made a bit of the headlines from what I said on Good Morning Britain.

"My dad is doing okay, and I want him to know I love him very much. But look, please going forward, we stick together, we do this together and we do what we can to get us back to normal. Get us back to holidays, get us back to seeing our friends and dancing on the dance floor."

Mark revealed on GMB yesterday how his uncle Eddie – the father of his reality star cousin Elliott — is “critical” in hospital fighting the disease, while another uncle is on oxygen.

His dad and mum Carol, 60, tested positive on New Year’s Eve.

He told the show: "I hope my dad doesn’t mind me saying this but mentally something’s not right.

“He is not my dad who he was four weeks ago. It can leave long-lasting problems.”

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