Matt Baker speaks out on returning to Our Farm in the Dales ‘Always family first’

Matt Baker promotes his new book ‘A Year On Our Farm’

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Our Farm in the Dales was a popular More4 documentary series that aired earlier this year. The programme followed Countryfile presenter Matt Baker along with his wife and children as they moved to his parents farm in County Durham. The show was a hit with viewers, leaving many wanting more. In a recent interview, Matt has opened up about the possibility of making another series of Our Farm in the Dales.

The documentary series was popular with viewers as it gave them an insight into an emotional period in Matt’s life.

The programme followed the Countryfile star and his wife Nicola, as they took over responsibility of running his parents farm.

Matt returned to his childhood home in Durham to support his parents after his mother Janice suffered a serious injury when she was knocked over by a flock of sheep.

As a result of the accident, Janice underwent a knee replacement which prompted Matt to make the big decision to move back to Durham with his wife and children, in a bid to help out his dad Mike.

Fans were gutted when the show came to an end in April and took to Twitter to detail how much they’d enjoyed the series.

One fan wrote: “#OurFarmInTheDales Loved it, the enthusiasm and passion that Matt Baker and family have is amazing. Please do another series.”

A second agreed: “What an enjoyable, entertaining series. A delight to watch. Such a lovely family. I hope there’ll be another series. #OurFarmInTheDales #MattBaker.”

“#OurFarmInTheDales just finished the last episode. The transformation at the baker farm has been a joy to watch. What a fabulous place to have grown up in and be a part of. It would be fabulous to see watch the continuing journey into lambing next year,” another viewer commented.

A fourth fan added: “#Ourfarminthedales thank you to Matt Baker and his family for such a feel good programme, another series please @More4Tweets.”

In a recent interview, Matt has opened up about the possibility of another series.

He said: “Well I mean that’s an interesting one because I really wanted my family, my children, my wife, mum and dad to feel the whole process of what it’s like to, you know, be on TV and feeling the motions.”

“At the end of the day, you know, I’ve always put my family first and I always will do and if we decide as a family that we want to keep going or whatever then it’ll be them that make the decision and that’s it,” the presenter confessed to RadioTimes.

He made it clear he’s still undecided on the future of the programme and it will be a group decision for him and his family.

However, Matt did reveal he has been “overjoyed” by viewer’s reaction to the show.

The star noted that he felt like he was living in a dream world as he highlighted the success of the show.

It was a big project for Matt as not only was he taking on responsibilities on the farm, but he was also heavily involved in the production of the show.

He was involved in all aspects, from directing to producing, in order to protect his family.

The show broke More4 broadcasting records when it aired in March 2021, with 1.8 million viewers tuning in.

Fans of the four part series have more farming content from Matt to look forward to as he’s soon set to release his first book.

A Year on Our Farm will take readers on a journey through the seasons on his organic Durham sheep farm and includes original illustrations by Matt himself.

Our Farm in the Dales is available on Channel 4’s catch up service All4.

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