Maura Higgins slams 'annoying' questions about her friendship with Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury after love triangle

MAURA Higgins has hit back at 'annoying' questions about her friendship with Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury.

The reality star, 29, addressed her relationship with her fellow Love Islanders on Instagram yesterday.

The trio share an unusual friendship after Maura relentlessly pursued Tommy on the show before the boxer made it clear Molly was the one for him.

The couple have been inseparable ever since and still count Maura as their best pal, regularly hanging out together as a trio.

Making it clear the group were fine now, the Irish beauty addressed their relationship during a fan Q+A.

She said: "This question comes up so many times and it's so annoying.

"It's only annoying because people need to understand, we were on a TV show. It was a reality TV show!"

Earlier this month, Molly and Tommy were left giggling as they watched Maura attempt to crack on with the boxer during Love Island's reunion special.

Meanwhile, Molly previously insisted Maura and Tommy were like "brother and sister".

The 21-year-old explained on Instagram: "You have to understand that it's really OK. 

"When that Maura and Tommy situation happened in Love Island, me and Maura didn't even know each other then, we weren't even friends.

"It's a different story if it's your mate, Jesus that's a no go. It's really not deep, we weren't friends when it happened."

She went on: “But no stress about that one but Tommy and Maura are like brother and sister now.

"I know it seems weird to some of you guys and I get that some of you find it weird, but for us three it's really not, we're best mates.”

Last summer Maura was the subject of nearly 500 complaints to telly watchdog Ofcom after she straddled Tommy and tried to kiss him.

A staggering 486 viewers objected to her "predatory" behaviour, which saw many calling for her to be removed for "sexually harassing" the boxer.

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