Maura Love Island: Star kisses Tommy Fury as fans demand she’s kicked out of villa

Maura Higgins set her eyes on Tommy Fury as soon as she stepped foot in the villa but her behaviour has not gone down well with viewers who have called for her to be axed from the ITV dating show.

After choosing Tommy as one of her three dates Maura has made her feelings for the boxer clear despite him being coupled up with Molly-Mae Hague.

Earlier in the week Maura asked Tommy for a kiss and when he refused she leant in anyway, missing his lips and planting a smooch on his cheek.

However in tonight’s episode Maura and Tommy share their first kiss during a challenge titled Bridezilla.

In upcoming scenes Maura cries out the infamous phrase “I’ve got a text!” and says: “Girls. It’s time to pop on your wedding dresses and say “I do”, as you head to today’s challenge #brizezillas #putaringonit #takehimuptheaisle.”

The girls will battle it out in the challenge which will see them pull the man their coupled up with up the aisle while they sit on a sledge.

Once the pair have made it the girls will ‘put a ring on it’ before kissing their partner.

As Anna, Elma and Maura aren’t coupled up with anyone they will get to choose who they’d like to take part in the challenge with.

Unsurprisingly, ring girl Maura picks Tommy and gets the chance to finally share a kiss with the boxer.

Watching on, Molly-Mae will certainly not be pleased with Maura’s choice as she attempts to convince Tommy that she does have genuine feelings for him.

Meanwhile Maura’s earlier attempt to try and kiss Tommy led to fans of the ITV show calling for her to be kicked out of the villa.

One said: “@LoveIsland can you please kick out Maura from the villa?  You kicked out Sherif for a bad behavior when Maura’s behavior is a 100 times worse. #loveisland.”

Another added: “Meanwhile, Maura is still in the #LoveIsland villa topping up her tan after making unwarranted sexual advanced towards Tommy but Sherif is the bad guy for making a stupid comment.”

“Their should be a petition for maura to leave the island, no offence but  #loveisland #Loveisland2019,” a third wrote.

So if Sherif’s behaviour towards Molly was unacceptable and not correct in the villa. Then please tell me why Maura is allowed to stay in for forcing her self onto Tommy?!?! Double standards and definitely not okay #loveisland,” tweeted another.

Sherif Lanre was removed from the villa earlier this week after he accidentally kicked Molly-Mae in the groin.

“She did appear to be in pain at first but then she stood up and seemed fine and we started laughing about it,” he told The Sun.

He continued: “I turned to Tommy and said, ‘That was a c**t punt.’ I realise now that was wrong and I would like to apologise. I’ve never used the word before and I don’t know where it came from. I think I have heard other people saying it and it just popped out.”

An ITV spokesperson told “Sherif fully accepted and agreed that he broke the rules and that he should leave.

“We have a duty of care towards all of the Islanders and as such we would not make public the details of the breach of code.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. 

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