Media Rating Council Suspends Nielsen's National TV Ratings Accreditation

Decision comes after ratings currency company proactively put itself in MRC jail

The Media Rating Council (MRC) has suspended its accreditation of Nielsen’s National Television service. Furthermore, it has suspended the accreditation for Nielsen’s Local People Meter and Set Meter Markets services, which previously had their accreditations on “hiatus.”

Those suspensions will become effective mid-September.

“While we are disappointed that the situation has come to this, we believe these are the proper actions for the MRC to take at this time,” George W. Ivie, executive director and CEO of the MRC, said in a statement on Wednesday.  “MRC’s Board of Directors, which represents an extremely broad range of industry constituencies, and includes advertisers, agencies, and media companies of all types, is strongly unified in its positions on these matters.  MRC stands committed in our willingness to work with Nielsen toward the goal of being able to restore accreditation to these important services at the earliest possible time, and it is our hope that Nielsen likewise will continue to engage with MRC and its clients in pursuit of that goal.”

TheWrap reached out to Nielsen and the VAB (Video Advertising Bureau) with a request for comment on this story. We did not immediately hear back.

The VAB effectively represents TV networks in matters such as the ongoing beef with the ratings currency company.

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