Melissa Joan Hart Makes History After Winning $1 Million on ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’

The former star of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ wins $1,040,000 for charity, making her the first celebrity to ever win that much and one of four ‘Million Dollar Wedge’ winners.

AceShowbizMelissa Joan Hart made history in the Sunday, October 17 episode of “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune“. The former star of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” won $1,040,000 for charity in the episode, making her the first celebrity to ever win that much.

In the episode of the primetime spin-off of the popular syndicated game show, Melissa competed against Tituss Burgess and Lacey Chabert. The actress managed to win the prize after winning the bonus puzzle which was “bran muffins.”

Additionally, it was only the fourth time in franchise history that a contestant took home $1 million. The last “Million Dollar Wedge” winners appeared back in a September 2014 episode of the show, which premiered in 2008.

“I’m still shaking,” Melissa, who won for Youth Villages charity, said following the victory. She added, “Bran muffins. I’m gonna have to eat one tomorrow, I guess. I’m gonna buy stock in it or something.” Youth Villages is an organization aimed at helping young people with emotional, mental and behavioral problems.

In an interview with USA Today, the actress said, “I would like to say witchcraft was involved. But to be honest, I prayed a lot more than any kind of sorcery. I literally prayed every round, especially that winning round. I’d close my eyes and say, ‘God, give me focus and calm and let me just read these letters.’ “

Her victory might be the result of her watching the game show “every night before dinner” with her mom. She also admitted that she sharpened her skills playing the “Wheel of Fortune” app for weeks while putting youngest son Tucker to bed each night. “I wasn’t going to go in there blind; I’m a prepared person,” the actress said.

Before the episode aired, Melissa had to keep her win a secret, even from the Youth Villages charity. “I didn’t leak it,” she claimed. “I was like, ‘Guys, you’ll have to watch me on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ It’s going to be epic.’ “

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