'Missy is able to handle rejection' – Yvonne Connolly says daughter has bounced back after from The Voice UK audition

The Voice UK judges might not have turned for her but Missy Keating’s mum, Yvonne Connolly, is confident her daughter is well able to deal with rejection in the showbiz world.

The mum-of-three said the 18-year-old could go on to become an actress and is a tough cookie, able to deal with disappointments in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry.

Yvonne said Missy and pal Georgia, who auditioned for the show together, had given it their all and, while Missy will always love singing, she reckons her daughter will now try her hand at acting.

“She has always been into acting. I was a little bit surprised by the singing but Missy did what she always does – do things all or nothing.

“She’s 100pc – everything about Missy is ‘extra’ as we call her. Her best friend, the two of them did it together. They had a great experience,” said Yvonne (45).

“I’m not saying she won’t sing again. I think she really enjoyed it, but I think acting is her passion and I think that’s what she wants to study and be involved in.

“She’ll always sing and she had a great experience. It was a really good journey for her that she doesn’t regret.”

Yvonne said from her own career in the limelight, first as a model and now a regular TV personality, she has learned it’s not an industry for everyone.

“I think what I’ve learned from showbusiness is that it suits some people and it doesn’t suit other people. You can’t be too sensitive and that’s been the way it’s been since I was young.

“Also, with social media, you get knocked. You’re turned down for a lot of jobs, especially in acting – you go to so many auditions and it can really knock your confidence when you’re rejected,” she said.

“It takes somebody who can handle rejection. No one likes rejection but I think you can put it into perspective, which Missy does.

“I have another child I certainly wouldn’t recommend for it because she would take it very personally. I think for Missy I’m happy for her to do it, but it’s not for all children and it’s not for all people.”

She said that while son Jack and Missy are now adults she still worries about them, as well as looking after her younger daughter Ali.

She reckons as a mum you become closer to your kids as they go through their teen years.

“I do have a 13-year-old so obviously I have to get her through her teens,” she said. “But they do become your friends, I think, during their teens and that can be a beautiful thing but there are also pitfalls to that.

“It’s trying to find the balance between having a great relationship, but also maintaining authority and respect.”

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