Monty Don dogs: Meet the Gardeners’ World star’s pets

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Monty Don has been hosting Gardeners’ World on the BBC for many years and he is helped out by some very sweet co-stars. The avid horticulturist often brings his pets on to help with seasonal jobs in the garden. has all you need to know about Monty’s adorable dogs.


Nellie is a Golden Retriever who joined the Gardeners’ World team back in 2016.

She does not have as much screen time as some of her siblings as she does not have the best attention span.

One of her favourite things to do is sleep, but there is a reason for her more relaxed lifestyle.

Back in August 2020, she damaged her throat while chasing a stick, but she has recovered well.

She tends to avoid sticks nowadays, and instead enjoys soaking up the sun in the garden.


Patti is the newest member of the team and she started appearing on the show in April 2020.

The Yorkshire Terrier may be the smallest dog of the pack but she has been named the bossiest.

Patti loves helping out at Longmeadow and has been seen helping to plant salad seedlings in the greenhouse.

By helping, Monty meant sleeping in the soil, but she offered moral support nonetheless.


Sadly Nigel is no longer on the series as he died in May 2020, having suddenly fallen ill.

He is buried at Longmeadow and will always be remembered for his adorable smile.

The Golden Retriever was born in May 2008 and he had a very fruitful career with Monty.

He had his own book written about him, called Nigel: My Family and Other Dogs.

Monty even set up a parody Twitter account for his canine friend, which attracted plenty of attention.

One of his favourite things was playing with tennis balls, and he was buried with his favourite toys.

Viewers may have noticed he spent some time away from the show in 2016, following an accident.

He ended up damaging an intervertebral disc while trying to catch his favourite tennis ball.

In an episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty said he had always owned dogs throughout his life.

He added: “When Nigel started to appear on Gardeners’ World it was only because he was there.

“There was no plan. Nigel started to veer around a bit and the camera would pick him up.

“Then I realised he was a complete media tart and would choose the best position and would just hit the light and all the rest of it.

“People started writing and saying ‘that’s a nice dog’ and before long, he had taken over.

“Then by popular demand, he had to appear and for at least a year, if not more, it was random, it was completely ad-hoc.”

Gardeners’ World airs tonight on BBC Two at 8.30pm

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