Most controversial Jeremy Kyle Show moments from incest to cheating

Gemma Swift on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Originally intended to replace Trisha Goddard’s talk show, the premise of Jeremy Kyle was to see guests from across the UK try and resolve their personal issues.

Whether it be feuds between family and friends, people struggling with addiction or romantic scandals, the show quickly became a popular programme in ITV’s daytime schedule.

Viewers would often see participants take lie detector tests in an attempt to get to the bottom of their dilemmas, which usually resulted in them storming off stage shouting or crying with Jeremy chasing after them.

With it coming up to the fourth year of it being off the air, has taken a look back at some of the most controversial moments that happened across its seventeen series.

One of the most shocking moments aired was when two lovers turned out to be related.

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Secret sibling relationship 

Paul and Lee had met each other online and spoke for two years before deciding to get together.

However, it all took a turn when Lee’s mum met Paul and thought there was an uncanny resemblance to her ex-husband.

Once she found out Paul’s surname, she told Lee it was possible the man he had been speaking to was a secret half-brother.

It turns out that Lee’s mum Etna had put Paul into care at 18 months old after struggling to cope with her four children after splitting from his dad.

After remarrying somebody else, she went on to have Lee, who had been seeing Paul, who was unaware they were related.

After finding out the truth, the two men were horrified at the results with Lee admitting it made him feel sick.

Later on, it was revealed they had stopped seeing each other but stayed close as brothers.

Drug needle found in baby’s cot

One mum called Gemma, was left reeling after discovering a used syringe, which contained blood, in her 11-month-old baby’s cot.

The furious parent told Jeremy she believed the horrific find was down to her ex-partner Scott.

Despite her former boyfriend claiming he had been free from drugs for five years, the lie detector proved Gemma’s suspicions were correct.

While on the show, the shocks didn’t stop there as the mum learnt her godfather Paul had also been using drugs.

Seeing red, Gemma flew into a rage which prompted security to jump in and drag her godfather away.

Stepdad and Stepdaughter affair exposed

After telling the show he couldn’t “abide people who cheat”, stepdad to Karen and Lisa was soon eating his words.

It was revealed that Chaz had been seeing his stepdaughter Karen and confessed if things didn’t go well with her mum Pam, they’d spend the rest of their lives together.

When the lie detector showed the duo had been cheating, Karen’s sister was left reeling as she called her “desperate”.

As Lisa confessed Karen was no sister to her, they both stormed off stage where their mum Pam remained heartbroken and betrayed on the stage.

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Cheating groom

Despite weddings supposedly being one of the happiest days in a couple’s lives, one bride’s day turned into a nightmare.

One woman accused her partner of being unfaithful at their wedding and she demanded a lie detector be taken.

In the end, the results confirmed he had cheated and she stormed onto the stage revealing she wanted a divorce.

Outraged at the outcome, Jeremy scolded the other woman on the show and called her the worst liar to ever appear on the stage.

He fumed: “You couldn’t even spell the word ‘truth’.”

Man jailed over lie detector test outcome

One couple appeared on the show in 2009 where Rebecca Langley had failed a lie detector which she had taken over cheating allegations by her boyfriend Jamie Juste.

When the duo later watched the episode air at home, it sent Jamie into a blind rage and he viciously attacked Rebecca.

Taken to court, it was revealed he had “punched and kicked her repeatedly in the face, leaving her temporarily disfigured”.

After being sentenced to two years, the judge condemned the Jeremy Kyle Show.

They said it was persuading people who were “foolish” and “gullible” for exposing aspects of their private lives on national TV.

Speaking of the couple, the judge said they “must have suffered considerable mortification and embarrassment.”

However, a spokesperson for the show at the time said: “The programme provides an opportunity for people to resolve pre-existing disputes and personal issues on neutral territory, with the offer of counselling, mediation and support, which is ongoing following their appearances.”

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