Most explosive Christmas Days ever in soapland – from divorce papers to death

Christmas Day is the most explosive time of the entire year – and has led to some dramatic moments over the years.

The soap Christmas episodes have become as much of a staple as the Queen's speech and turkey.

The festive spirit is usually crushed thanks to all the deaths, break-ups and ruined Christmas dinners.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for affairs to be exposed, car crash weddings and for an unlucky few to meet a grisly end.

Here are the most explosive days ever in soapland.


Dirty Den hands Angie divorce papers (1986)

Den Watts discovered that his wife Angie had been faking a terminal illness.

So of course he decided that the best time to call her out was on Christmas Day when the pub was full of punters enjoying the festivities.

Over 30 million viewers tuned in to watch Dirty Den give Angie some divorce papers.

Max and Stacey's affair exposed on DVD (2007)

Max Branning and Stacey Slater's affair was exposed in one of the most dramatic ways possible.

The two family's gathered round on Christmas Day to watch Stacey and Bradley's wedding video.

What no one expected was to see Stacey and Max kissing on her wedding day – leading to horror from everyone gathered round.

The happy faces turned to disgust as it dawned on those gathered round the TV that Max was cheating on Tanya with his son's wife.

Pauline collapses in the snow (2006)


Walford legend Pauline Fowler sadly passed away after over 20 years on the BBC soap, with her final episode being Christmas Day 2006.

Pauline collapsed and died in the Square while walking her dog, by her late husband Arthur's memorial bench, with Sonia Fowler accused of killing her after a fight.

t was in fact her husband Joe Macer who accidentally caused the death of Pauline, after hitting her over the head with a frying pan during a row when she dared him to hit her.


Richard tries to smother Emily (2002)


The most evil villain in Coronation Street history tried to murder our beloved Emily Bishop on Christmas Day.

There were already suspicions about Richard, with Audrey Roberts convinced he had tried to kill her, but kind Emily insisted it was just wild accusations.

Richard popped round to look after flu-ridden Emily and sat with her until she fell asleep.

The twisted villain then tried to smother sleeping Emily with a cushion.

Luckily for Emily, Rita Tanner called round just in the nick of time to save her life.

Richard managed to avoid detection and walked back home unnoticed.

A few weeks later he tried to kill Emily again by smacking her with a crow bar, before murdering Maxine Peacock.

Kevin attacks John Stape (2007)


A major mix up between Christmas presents led to John Stape's affair with Rosie Webster being exposed.

The teacher met up with the teenager to give her a present – but realised he had made a massive mistake when Rosie unwrapped some pyjamas.

Back on the cobbles, suspicious Fiz opened her gift and was horrified to find some sexy underwear that was several sizes too small.

Furious Fiz stormed round to the Webster's house to accuse Sally of having an affair with her man.

All suddenly became very clear when Rosie walked in with her present, which was in the same wrapping paper as Fiz's one.

Kevin lost his rag and smacked John in the Street – so he spent his Christmas night behind bars after being arrested for assault.

Sally's devastating cancer bombshell (2009)

Kevin Webster was about to break up with Sally before she dropped a heartbreaking bombshell.

The mechanic had been having an affair with Molly Dobbs, the wife on his best pal Tyrone, and was ready to break up his family for her.

However, when he returned home to tell Sally he was leaving her – Sal delivered some devastating news herself.

Emotional Sally broke down in tears as she revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Stunned Kevin suddenly found his moral compass and realised it was the wake up call he needed to stay with Sally.

He raced over to stop Molly splitting up with Tyrone just in time – and ended their affair .Ashley forgets it's Christmas (2016)


Ashley forgets it's Christmas Day


Emmerdale viewers were left in tears in 2016's festive edition when Ashley Thomas forgot it was Christmas Day.

The dementia sufferer's condition worsened and was seen struggling to understand what was going on.

Ashley had forgotten it was daughter Gabby's birthday, but she found some presents he had bought before he deteriorated.

Things took a turn for the worse at a Christmas carol service – but Ashley got better when he started singing hyms.

In a tear-jerking ending, Laurel told Ashley that she loves him and he said the same back.

Ashley then had a rare moment of clarity and wished his family a Merry Christmas.

Chas jilts Carl at the alter (2010)


Chas Dingle came up with a festive revenge scheme after discovering Carl King was having an affair with his cousin, Even Jenson.

The devious Dingle faked a pregnancy then set up a sham wedding ceremony on Christmas Day.

Chas stunned the gathered guests by saying "no" at the alter, dropping the bombshell about the affair, then punching Carl.

Emotional Carl pleaded with Chas to take him back but she announced she wasn't actually pregnant before packing her bags.

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