Move over Ireland's Got Talent – magician Aidan McCann (9) wows Ellen DeGeneres with his talent on her TV show

He may not have won Ireland’s Got Talent, but magician Aidan McCann (9) is already wowing audiences in the US with his tricks.

Aidan, from Maynooth, was invited on to The Ellen Show this week where he impressed the host and her audiences with his magic tricks invovling cards and CDs and CD cases.

Clearly thrilled to be in LA, Aidan revealed he had seen the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame, and that his hotel had 24 floors.

“I’ve been doing magic for four years now,” he added, “I started off with like magic kits, like sets of magic, and then I started doing card magic but one annoying thing is sometimes there are some really easy techniques I can’t do becuase I have small hands.”

“Well not for long!” replied Ellen.

Aidan, who is in third class at school, confidently worked his way through his tricks, at one point telling Ellen he would have to read her mind, removing his glasses, and saying, “Look me right in the eyes.  A bit harder, we need to connect!” much to the audience’s delight.

Aidan went down a storm and Ellen had another surprise for her guest once he had finished his routine.

She asked him who his favourite magicians are and when he mentioned Canadian-American Shin Lim, winner of America’s Got Talent 2015, Ellen played Aidan a special message from the star and presented him with tickets to his upcoming show.

Aidan was overjoyed, and replied, “Oh my God!”

Aidan previously wowed Irish audiences on Ireland’s Got Talent, making it to the semi-final of the show earlier this year.

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