MTV’s The Challenge reunion Part 2 recap: War of the Worlds reunion includes Bananas’ incident with Amanda

MTV’s The Challenge reunion was a two-hour show on Wednesday night. That meant double the revelations, arguments, and juicy bits of gossip viewers may not have known.

Check out War of the Worlds reunion part 1 recap for the first hour of revelations. There may be spoilers to follow for those who have yet to see the new episodes.

More cast member feuds, hottest hookups

Bananas brings up controversy, Amanda drama

Turbo vs. Ninja Natalie beef, parting words

We’ve yet to see if that new Challenge show will be coming, but when it is announced, it’s likely to include Bear as part of the main cast. One would have to think other popular stars from the show would also be included.

For those MTV’s The Challenge viewers who want some more new stuff, check out the exclusive episode at Universal Studios. It’s a different challenge held and sponsored by the theme park.

It involves some of the all-time greats from MTV’s show. They are Derek, Emily, Darnell, Veronica, Alton, and Tori.

MTV’s The Challenge was televised Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on MTV. Episodes are also available for live stream online at the MTV website.

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