‘My mother found out!’ Alan Cummings raging at Miriam Margolyes over jock strap admission

Alan Cumming reacts to Miriam Margolyes jock strap comment

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Alan Cumming joined hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Wednesday afternoon as he discussed his new book Baggage. After discussing the new release, Alan went on to clear up a saga Miriam Margolyes started when she revealed he wore a jockstrap on live TV, causing his mother to call him too embarrassed.

After promoting his new book, Phillip went on to say: “I know you have been filming with Miriam around Scotland in your travel series, and I want to show you this clip.”

Miriam was seen exclaiming: “I’ve just done a series with lovely Alan Cumming, and he wears a jockstrap.

“Am I allowed to say that, well he wears a jockstrap but no knickers! So that really shocked me,” Holly and Phil could be seen giggling at her remark.

Phillip asked: “Why though?” to which Miriam responded: “Well, I think it gives him a sense of security I suppose he’s got a lovely shape anyway, but you know I was fascinated.”

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As the clip ended, Alan was sat looking embarrassed with a huge smile on his face, with Phillip saying: “Discuss.”

Alan began: “My mum was watching This Morning and Miriam because she met Miriam, my mum’s in the show that we did.”

He went on to imitate his mother’s voice and continued: “’Miriam said that ‘Alan Cumming wears a jock strap’ and I was like ‘Why does my mother have to discover that on by watching This Morning with you two?’

“And then you two go ‘Oh I don’t understand’ so I said to her ‘Miriam, you’ve got to stop saying that I don’t wear underwear, jockstrap is underwear.’

“She goes ‘I know darling, sorry I just can’t grasp it,’ it’s just hilarious, and it’s only because when we were shooting and putting out mic packs on one day the guy said, ‘Oh you don’t have a belt.’

“I said, ‘It’s ok, I’ll just put it under the little strap on my jockstrap,’ and she went ‘You have a jockstrap!’ And I was like oh I know this is going to end badly,” he laughed.

Holly and Phil were in hysterics at Alan’s story, remarking: “If only you had said pants!”

Alan laughed: “If only I said pants, I said, ‘You must stop saying that jockstrap isn’t underwear, jockstrap is underwear’ and she’s like ‘Does it go up your crack’ and I’m like no that’s a thong, you know what she’s like!”

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Referring back to his mother, Holly joked: “I feel like you’re going to get a phone call from your mum after this!”

Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their love for Miriam, with @MyNameisBetty69 tweeting: “Even when Miriam isn’t actually on the show, she’s still the funniest thing #ThisMorning.”

Ryan Glendenning also added: “Miriam Margolyes is a living legend, give her her own show,” alongside laughing and clapping hands emojis.

Rachel Yu also said: “I’m sorry but how funny is Miriam Margolyes! She defo needs to have her own little segment on the show!”

Speaking on his new book, Alan said: “When the first one came out so many people were, it’s a great thing to sort of share your truth and be honest and talk about your authenticity.

“But then people say ‘Oh you’ve overcome it, you’ve triumphed,’ and I didn’t like that, so in a way, this book is sort of a reaction to that.

“I’m saying we never recover from that stuff, we just manage it, and we live with it, and we become better people because we discussed it.

“So, this is about my life from, it goes from end of my first marriage to beginning of my second in 2007, and I sort of want to say to people here’s all the mistakes and the mess that I made since then,” he revealed.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV. 
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