Nadiya Hussain 'always stopped and searched' travelling to America

Great British Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain has revealed she’s always been stopped and searched when travelling to America.

The baker got candid about her experiences of flying across the pond ahead of the launch of her brand new BBC series Nadiya’s American Adventure, which sees her discover how migrants are influencing modern American cuisine.

‘I’ve always been nervous about travelling to America because there isn’t one time that I’ve been to America and I haven’t been stopped in searches,’ Nadiya told

‘That’s always happened and I always expect it. They always say it’s completely random – and it may very well be, but I’m always stopped and searched.’

When asked whether she had any apprehensions about filming her upcoming BBC show in America, Nadiya explained that any nervousness she had is ‘always confirmed on the way there and then on the way back’.

‘That almost heightens my anxiety to travel to America,’ she continued.

‘But to be fair, when I was there, there was nothing there to make me feel anxious or worried, even though we were in places of high immigration,’ Nadiya said of her recent trip.

‘I almost think that when you’re doing something like this you almost have to park those emotions aside.’

In Nadiya’s American Adventure, Nadiya travels to two of the most diverse vibrant hubs in modern North America – Louisiana and California – to find out how generations of migrants are changing the national menu.

The first episode sees Nadiya in New Orleans where she meets people keeping old Creole traditions alive and travels to Cajun country where she spends time with a family fishing in the Louisiana swamps.

Nadiya also bakes King Cakes to kick off carnival season and meets a family grocer bringing food and hope to areas previously destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

She ends her food adventure with an epic crawfish boil with a Vietnamese twist which can only be described as ‘mind-blowingly delicious’ and a perfect example of the Louisianan culinary melting pot.

Nadiya’s American Adventure airs Thursday 10th December at 8pm on BBC One.

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