Naked Attraction viewers' shock as woman, 54, performs sex act on banana and asks men to put whipped cream on their bits

NAKED Attraction viewers were left in shock after a contestant performed a sex act on a banana.

The 54-year-old woman called Leanne also asked the naked men in the pods to put whipped cream on their privates on her way to finding a date.

As the guys got to work, recently divorced Leanne told them: "I like a guy really creamed up."

The X-rated antics had Channel 4 viewers blushing as well as host Anna Richardson.

After witnessing the raunchy display, she said: "Blimey Leanne.

"I wish you could see this boys."

Viewers flocked to Twitter to voice their surprise, with one writing: "Watching them playing with bananas and cream and whatnot and thinking 'this show about judging people by their nethers has really gone downhill' #nakedattraction."

Another posted: "Deary me a banana being used on #nakedattraction."

A third shared: "Why have they got this woman sucking on a banana like this oh my goodness #nakedattraction."

While another wrote: "Going to swerve bananas for a bit after the nan on naked attraction."

It's been a series of firsts, with one contestant getting so overwhelmed on hewalked off after seeing a real-life naked women for the first time.

The racy dating show, which sees daters pick a new partner based purely on their naked bodies,proved to be all too much for romantic hopeful Brian, 23.

The shy hospitality worker was stunned into silence as six naked women stood in booths in front of him.

Going completely quiet, concerned host Anna Richardson asked: "You okay, Brian? You like like you're about to faint, Brian."

Not knowing where to look, the Kent native shook his head and turned his back to the booths as he admitted: "I'm sorry. I need a moment, can I have a little moment?"

Presenter Anna then gestured to Brian to walk off-camera and assured him, "Of course, go have five minutes, love."

Despite being initially overcome by the situation, Brian returned to the set in the hope of finding love.

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