NCIS: Cote de Pablo Called Michael Weatherly “Rude and Unprofessional” When They First Met

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly starred on NCIS together as Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo respectively, from 2005 until Pablo left the show in 2013. While on NCIS, the two boasted one of television’s most famous will-they-wont-they slow-boiling romances of all time.

The on-screen chemistry between Weatherly and Pablo was so strong that many fans believed the two were engaging in an off-screen secret romance. However, Cote de Pablo has since described her relationship with Weatherly as “brotherly,” so those rumors were quickly squelched.

While the two may be partnering up as executive producers on MIA, it seems that Cote de Pablo’s first impression of Weatherly was not all too favorable.

While Pablo has since grown to admire and deeply respect her former co-star, even coming to Weatherly’s defense following a sexual harassment claim made against him, her initial opinion speaks volumes.

Cote de Pablo’s first impression of ‘NCIS’ co-star Michael Weatherly

When The Talk brought on the cast of NCIS a few seasons back – Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, and Brian Dietzen – a few truths were revealed (in quite a humorous way). The hosts decided to “interrogate” each leading cast member as the investigators often do on NCIS. However, Sara Gilbert got to ask the most pressing question.

Sara Gilbert asked Cote de Pablo, “You are facing charges of talking behind your co-stars’ backs; Is it true that you once slandered Michael [Weatherly] by saying he was rude and unprofessional when you first met?” Cote de Pablo raised one hand in the air and responded, “I totally said that. Yes. I admit.”

Michael Weatherly looked over at Cote de Pablo with a feigned expression of surprise, as if understanding why she would have initially felt that way. The two smiled and the cast proceeded to laugh it off.

Why Cote de Pablo may have initially felt Michael Weatherly was “rude and unprofessional”

Though it is widely known that Michael Weatherly is quite the on-set jokester – for you can witness his playful disposition on full-display during every interview he does – Pablo likely interpreted his lighthearted nature as a lack of professionalism (initially).

As time went on, the two co-stars grew closer, and Cote de Pablo probably came to realize that, while Michael Weatherly may be a bit quick-tongued, he’s not trying to be hurtful, nor is he trying to take away from the importance and value of the work at hand.

Michael Weatherly has been known to step over the line, and, as a result, has faced backlash and criticism for such behaviors. While Michael Weatherly may be a “good guy,” it’s no surprise that this was Pablo’s first impression, for it hints at Weatherly’s go-to quality: ebullience, even at the expense of appropriate workplace behavior.

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly are on good terms today; otherwise, they wouldn’t be executive producing a show together. However, Weatherly may need to learn how to dial it back as he continues progressing through Hollywood, for his own sake (as well as others’).

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